Forensic Computing


Learn all about computer forensics from this well known forensic computer technologist.



This blog instructs its readers, and future spies, on the craft of building strong securities systems. Information security is the main focus, but ROI maximization is also a theme.

Firestarter: China and Career Advancement
about 4 years ago
Leverging TI in Incident Response/Management: Really Responding Faster
about 4 years ago

Spy vs. Spy


A Counter Intelligence Specialist helms this blog, which focuses on the evolution of eavesdropping today. Google's AutoComplete and its spy capacity have been recently debated here.

FinFisher spyware docs detail surveillance limitations
by J.D. LeaSure almost 4 years ago
Hackers Tap Into USB Devices, Evade All Known Security Protections
by J.D. LeaSure almost 4 years ago

The Dashboard Spy


This blog focuses on the history of business intelligence and the role dashboards played in it. Those interested in the equipment's contemporary ability will be pleasantly surprised here.