Gavel to Gavel


This blog focuses on the troubles that plague American state courts. Issues like court jurisdiction and mandatory retirement ages for judges appear in well-crafted posts here.

Criminal Justice


America's most egregious criminal justice blunders provide this site's fodder. Each post is designed to encourage readers to take action and improve the circumstances of the law.

Not Guilty No Way


This Maryland criminal defense attorney ruminates deeply and wisely on the meaning of guilt in terms of the law. Her winding posts never let go of readers' attention.

Not Guilty No Way Podcast Episode 107 with Marc Randazza.
by Mirriam over 2 years ago
Why men don’t know how to behave around women. Part 1.
by Mirriam over 2 years ago

Pardon Power


One often-forgotten component in the criminal process is the president's ability to override the system. Learn more about this seldom-invoked capacity here.

Buckley on Hearst, and Pardoning
by P.S. Ruckman, Jr. over 2 years ago
Mrs. Clinton to Break Down Barriers?
by P.S. Ruckman, Jr. over 2 years ago

Federal Criminal Defense Investigation


A different take on police investigations as this blog focuses on investigations on the federal level. Dealing with real cases, this is a very informative blog.

Tales of a Public Defender Investigator


Follow the other side of criminal investigations with PDI. Learn how a public defender looks at evidence and information to better your own problem solving skills.

Friends of Justice


This blog is sponsored by the Friends of Justice a nonprofit organization dedicated to upholding due process and “ending mass incarceration’ within the criminal justice system. The blog presents narrative-based campaigns highlighting unfolding cases where due process has blatantly failed.

A bizarre (and clarifying) election
by Alan Bean over 2 years ago
How Bernie is changing the game
by Alan Bean over 2 years ago

Sgt Says


This site is good for safety tips, crime bulletins, law enforcement news. Written by an officer with 30 years experience under his belt. he is also a veteran of the US Army Reserve.

Missing Gun
by Mike Creek over 2 years ago
Spike Strips
by Mike Creek over 2 years ago

Paul’s Justice Blog


The owner of this blog, Dr. Paul Leighton, is a professor in Criminology and author of several books. He is a Professor in the Dept of Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology at Eastern Michigan University.

Why Inequality Matters for Criminology and Criminal Justice
by paul almost 4 years ago
We Need A Post-Warehouse Prison: Learning from Shimane Asahi Rehabilitation Center
by paul about 4 years ago

Spartan Cops


Connelly and crime fiction fans who want to more deeply comprehend how those on the force make decisions should check this out. It approaches police and detectives from a more psychological bent.

Peter Tillers


New York City metro area, blogger Peter Tillers provides information about his field of study: the law of evidence. He investigates how evidence and the use of inference work as strategies in legal settings.

Tillers & Wigmore; his & her
by Peter Tillers almost 3 years ago
Question about Waiver of Privilege Against Self-Icrimination
by Peter Tillers about 3 years ago

Women in Crime Ink


Here you have it all with quite the lineup of crime professionals: criminal defense attorney forensics specialist, prosecutors, media types and criminal profiler and many more.

Elder Guardianships a Shameful ‘Racket’ in America
by Diane Dimond over 2 years ago
Book Trailer: Murder in Beverly Hills
by Cathy Scott over 4 years ago

Boston Criminal Attorney Blog


Written by a Massachusetts criminal defense attorney, this blog explores topics ranging from police brutality and drug offenses to murder and mob violence. You can read about what to do and not to do when falsely accused of a crime.

Patients Injured By Defective Hip Implants Should Seek Experienced Massachusetts Defective Hip Implant Law Firm
about 3 years ago
Massachusetts Distracted Driving: You Snooze, You Lose
over 3 years ago