Agatha Christie: News and Insights


The name and brand, "Agatha Christie," firstly speaks to a series of inimitable crime and mystery fiction. But her writings have found a comfortable and perennial home in television and film as well. Movies like Murder on the Orient Express and countless episodes of Masterpiece Theater have made Christie a mainstay of criminal analysis exercises. This blog provides a strong introduction to what makes her work so special, including commentary from her grandchildren.

Baker Street Blog


Sherlock Holmes, one of the all-time wittiest spies, finds a blog here dedicated to his majesty. Literature and entertainment featuring the character provide for each post.

Her Interactive


Baby spies can use these elementary espionage posts to foster their growth. Lessons from Nancy Drew and other young pros define this site's material and mood.

-->Moving the Amateur Sleuth Blog<--
by Little Jackalope about 4 years ago
Secret Projects & Monday News
by Little Jackalope about 4 years ago

The Kill Zone


A blog consisting of the top murder mystery writers. Everyday a different writer writes a blog for your viewing pleasure. Come on the specific day of you favorite writer, or everyday because they're all great.

Should Harper Lee's Novel Be Published?
by James Scott Bell over 3 years ago
The Fog of War
by Mark Alpert over 3 years ago

Sisters in Crime


Join sinc today and become part of an avid murder mystery book reading group. sinc is a great place to find out the newest and best books.

Murder She Writes


A cavalcade of mystery writing's best women authors contribute great content here. Readers learn about their latest works, and also how those works were created.

Happy Friday!
by Allison Brennan about 4 years ago
Boob Tube No More
by Allison Brennan about 4 years ago

Criminal Minds


Award winning authors come together and created a blog just for their fans. Criminal Minds is the perfect place for you if you love murder mysteries!

Girl Reporter Exposes Family Secrets
by Susan C Shea over 2 years ago
Tears, Fears, and Cheers
by Art Taylor over 2 years ago

Type M for Murder


Some of the best murder mystery writers blogging togther. Find out more about their books and get inside their heads.

For the Sake of Humanity
by Vicki Delany over 2 years ago
The Con Game
by Mario Acevedo over 2 years ago



America's fascination with everything spy likely reached a fever pitch during the Cold War of the 1950s and '60s. SpyVibe concentrates on forming each post as a reminiscence of sorts on that bygone era, and the ways in which spies pervaded and dominated entertainment. For sure, Double-07 and the Bond Girls make a substantial number of showings here. But the blog's excellence ultimately lies in its ability to reveal spies as not invisibly active creatures, but as transparent cultural icons.

by Jason Whiton over 2 years ago
by Jason Whiton over 2 years ago

The Suits of James Bond


The most pronounced merging of spy culture and mass entertainment has been, without a doubt, the James Bond phenomenon. The franchise, which has beguiled viewers for decades, has also spilled into sartorial influence. The Suits of James Bond looks to analyze how the idea of the mysterious yet irresistible spy has taken over as the preeminent fashion styling for the sophisticated man. Each post includes charming screenshots to help readers visualize the spy men's magnetism.

Meeting Mr. White in a Navy Jacket in Spectre
by Matt Spaiser over 2 years ago
Shawl-Collared Cardigan with Checked Trousers in Casino Royale
by Matt Spaiser over 2 years ago

Illustrated 007


This ardent collector of Bond memorabilia shows off his assortment of stunning Double-O 7 imagery here. Comics and novels featuring the famous spy proliferate.

Moonraker Model Kit Artwork
by Peter Lorenz almost 4 years ago
Tape Cover Artwork
by Peter Lorenz almost 4 years ago

Bond Movies


True spies know each Bond film by heart, and those who aren't yet there can use this blog to catch up. There's also great info on the Bond girls and famous songs as well.

The Bond Journey


Those who love espionage in entertainment will discover a trove of epic Bond proportions on this page. Everything noteworthy about the franchise shows up here first.

Sir Sean Connery
over 4 years ago
Desmond Llewelyn a.k.a. "Q"
over 4 years ago

John le Carre


One of the foremost names in spy fiction has a site that updates his fans on what's new. The latest film adaptations of his works provide for the bulk of the fodder here.

The greatest spy novels ever written
by Callum Dodgson about 4 years ago
Welcome to The Bellevue Hotel
by Callum Dodgson about 4 years ago

The Writer's Forensics Blog


Dr. Lyle, a cardiologist practicing in Orange County, California, is also a prolific wrtier of thrillers based on authentic forensic science. His blog provides stunning information about DNA, crimes and topics such as, &quot;so how old is that blood stain.&quot; A great reference for writers and an interesting read for anyone interested in criminology.

Could You “Remember” a Crime You Didn’t Commit?
by D.P. Lyle, MD about 3 years ago
Book Review: Jack of Spades by Joyce Carol Oates
by D.P. Lyle, MD about 3 years ago