Readers will find little personal information about the blogger of this prolific and expansive page. Instead, they'll have to pull out a few forensic tools of their own by reading this writer's postings that are analytical but not too brainy. Even criminology newbies won't find themselves falling behind with the comprehensive material on offer here. The blog focuses a good deal on the state of Virginia, but readers everywhere will enjoy the site's appealing take on crime and the law.

A Public Defender


Lovers of television crime procedurals are often fascinated with the stories of public defenders, being commissioned by the court to assist defendants sweet and seedy alike. This blog provides those fans with account after honest account of the reality of the job and the demands it exacts on those who practice it. The site teems with honest insights on how lawyers really think of judges and jurors, with humor used liberally to guard the site's tough tone from growing too dry.

I think we oughta just f*&!@ pop him
by Gideon over 2 years ago
About that Scalia quote on executing the innocent
by Gideon over 2 years ago

Crime and Consequences


If you're looking to tell if Connelly's crime repercussions are true to life, look to this blog for its interpretative counsel. Supreme Court cases are this site's main focus.

Sticking to Procedure
by Bill Otis about 4 years ago
How Legalized Pot Is "Carefully Regulated"
by Bill Otis about 4 years ago