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This super-modern and hip police officer seems like a character Connelly should craft into a novel one day. The zesty figure created the Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

Facebook Faux Pas
by PC Bloggs over 2 years ago
Uncommon Sense
by PC Bloggs over 2 years ago

Inside Discover Policing


This blog lets Connelly devotees understand and appreciate the craft and dedication of police work. Those considering the profession also find counsel here.

Five Myths About the Criminal Justice Field
by tphillips almost 4 years ago
This Week in the Career Center: January 4-10
by tphillips over 4 years ago

Paul’s Justice Blog


The owner of this blog, Dr. Paul Leighton, is a professor in Criminology and author of several books. He is a Professor in the Dept of Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology at Eastern Michigan University.

Why Inequality Matters for Criminology and Criminal Justice
by paul almost 4 years ago
We Need A Post-Warehouse Prison: Learning from Shimane Asahi Rehabilitation Center
by paul about 4 years ago

Inside the Lakeland PD


This blog is about what is going on i Lakeland, news of the day, information on jobs in the policing profession, and helpful safety tips are just a few of the topics of this community blog.

Spartan Cops


Connelly and crime fiction fans who want to more deeply comprehend how those on the force make decisions should check this out. It approaches police and detectives from a more psychological bent.

The Philosophical Cop Police Blog


This blog by this police officer takes of course a philosophical look at the dangers and the aspects of police work. Topics include the reasons for police violence: are they justified?



America's fascination with everything spy likely reached a fever pitch during the Cold War of the 1950s and '60s. SpyVibe concentrates on forming each post as a reminiscence of sorts on that bygone era, and the ways in which spies pervaded and dominated entertainment. For sure, Double-07 and the Bond Girls make a substantial number of showings here. But the blog's excellence ultimately lies in its ability to reveal spies as not invisibly active creatures, but as transparent cultural icons.

by Jason Whiton over 2 years ago
by Jason Whiton over 2 years ago

The Suits of James Bond


The most pronounced merging of spy culture and mass entertainment has been, without a doubt, the James Bond phenomenon. The franchise, which has beguiled viewers for decades, has also spilled into sartorial influence. The Suits of James Bond looks to analyze how the idea of the mysterious yet irresistible spy has taken over as the preeminent fashion styling for the sophisticated man. Each post includes charming screenshots to help readers visualize the spy men's magnetism.

Meeting Mr. White in a Navy Jacket in Spectre
by Matt Spaiser over 2 years ago
Shawl-Collared Cardigan with Checked Trousers in Casino Royale
by Matt Spaiser over 2 years ago

The Romeo Spy


Blogger John extracts his compelling espionage past in every post here. He was accused of police corruption, then worked as a mercenary and for the KGB.

FBI News Blog


That intelligence that the FBI can actually reveal to the public will always appear here first. The latest conspiracy and fraud headlines around the country also show up in posts.

Seeking Information in International Child Exploitation Case
by fbi about 4 years ago
The Gangs of Los Angeles, Part 6
by fbi about 4 years ago

Hariharan's Intelligence Blog


This former Indian army intelligence officer blogs about the state of spies in the military in contemporary Asia. Insurgency and terrorism are his expert subjects.

Modi’s Day-1 in office
by R. Hariharan about 4 years ago
First take on Foreign Policy and Power Projection under Modi
by R. Hariharan about 4 years ago



This blog instructs its readers, and future spies, on the craft of building strong securities systems. Information security is the main focus, but ROI maximization is also a theme.

Firestarter: China and Career Advancement
almost 4 years ago
Leverging TI in Incident Response/Management: Really Responding Faster
almost 4 years ago



The extremely polemical organization maintains as much transparency as its fragile position allows here. Visitors can email questions that will be answered at a date to be announced.

Vedosoft Spy Blog


This blog focuses on the latest gadgets a spy needs to maintain the cloak of anonymity. Keychain camera and body-heat devices permeate nearly every post.

Illustrated 007


This ardent collector of Bond memorabilia shows off his assortment of stunning Double-O 7 imagery here. Comics and novels featuring the famous spy proliferate.

Moonraker Model Kit Artwork
by Peter Lorenz almost 4 years ago
Tape Cover Artwork
by Peter Lorenz almost 4 years ago

Bond Movies


True spies know each Bond film by heart, and those who aren't yet there can use this blog to catch up. There's also great info on the Bond girls and famous songs as well.

The Bond Journey


Those who love espionage in entertainment will discover a trove of epic Bond proportions on this page. Everything noteworthy about the franchise shows up here first.

Sir Sean Connery
over 4 years ago
Desmond Llewelyn a.k.a. "Q"
over 4 years ago

The Blog @ Homeland Security


The latest issues surrounding homeland security in the United States provide this official site's output. Smartphones and the hurricane season are recent, solid features.

Photo of the Week
by candice.walker over 2 years ago
“Abrazo Ceremony” on the Juárez-Lincoln International Bridge
by adriana.vecchio over 2 years ago