True Crime Report


Affiliated with The Village Voice, this blog features

Federal Criminal Defense Investigation


A different take on police investigations as this blog focuses on investigations on the federal level. Dealing with real cases, this is a very informative blog.

Forensic Psychology Blog


Learn all about forensic psychology from this site. If you've ever wanted to know how to profile someone, this is your site.



Get all the relevant info, crime stats, what's going on with the Los Angeles Police Department here. Chief Charlie Beck is here to let you know what's going on with the nation's largest police force.

Notes from the April 29, 2014 Weekly Police Commission Meeting
by lapdblog about 4 years ago
Officer-Involved Shooting in Newton Area
by lapdblog about 4 years ago

SpotCrime Crime Reports


Read real Police reports from actual incidents. This is a great site to learn the basics by familiarizing yourself with actual reports.

Tales of a Public Defender Investigator


Follow the other side of criminal investigations with PDI. Learn how a public defender looks at evidence and information to better your own problem solving skills.

The Private Detective


A great resource from actual Private Detectives. You;re able to learn about the world of private investigation as these bloggers share their knowledge.

Cops Alive


CopsAlive is basically about cops help other cops stay alive through safety tips and heads-up reporting. It's about all aspects of danger in the line of police work.

Plant the Seeds for Comprehensive Fitness Today!
by Editor over 2 years ago
Understanding and Developing Your Emotional & Spiritual Health
by Editor almost 3 years ago

Crime and Investigation Network


This British organization focuses on crime and violence on television in the Isles. American crime lovers will have a jolly good time checking this out.

The Crime Analyst's Blog


Blogging from "a sleepy little burg" in central Texas, Scott Dickson analyzes crime in the news and discusses unusual strategies for solving crimes. He explores a law enforcement trend involving predictive policing, based on the idea that crime is rarely random and can be mapped according to incidence data.



The British Broadcasting Company is an unabashed leader in the art of television. This blog regularly comments on the company's exploits in the crime genre.

I Was There: The Great War Interviews
by Detlef Siebert over 4 years ago
Original Drama Shorts: I directed Flea
by Vanessa Caswill over 4 years ago

The Blotter


Would-be students of criminal analysis will have a field day on this site. They can see, post after post, how entertainment and crime intermingle in real life.

Defrosting Cold Cases


Frustrated by the number of unsolved homicides that exist, this attorney and blogger known as Vidocq, has taken on the task of writing about it all: unidentified bodies, wrongful convictions, missing persons and murders by the dozens. We are all invited to study the cases to help him uncover and solve the mysteries.

Book Alert: the Skeleton Crew
by Alice de Sturler about 4 years ago
Help the Cedar Rapids Police
by Alice de Sturler over 4 years ago

Federal Tax Crimes


Many people who fail to file their taxes properly and on time anxiously pray for a simple slap on the wrist for a punitive measure. The government is not always so genteel when it comes to doling out punishments that center around taxes. This blog chronicles some of the juiciest of those stories with gutsy rule breakers who fought the law, only to painfully learn how legislation would win. Students and tax professionals will find this blog to be taxation catnip.

Belgian Charges Against UBS for Money Laundering and Tax Evasion (2/26/16)
by noreply@blogger.com (Jack Townsend) over 2 years ago
NPR Planet Money Podcast on a Tax Protestor (2/20/16)
by noreply@blogger.com (Jack Townsend) over 2 years ago

Crime Information


Crime Information places self defense techniques and crime statistics on one blog spot. It's easy to navigate and has a ton of helpful and potentially life saving information.

Using Online Video For Your Business
by admin over 4 years ago
Easy Online Video Marketing Tips With Whiteboard Videos
by admin over 4 years ago

A Public Defender


Lovers of television crime procedurals are often fascinated with the stories of public defenders, being commissioned by the court to assist defendants sweet and seedy alike. This blog provides those fans with account after honest account of the reality of the job and the demands it exacts on those who practice it. The site teems with honest insights on how lawyers really think of judges and jurors, with humor used liberally to guard the site's tough tone from growing too dry.

I think we oughta just f*&!@ pop him
by Gideon over 2 years ago
About that Scalia quote on executing the innocent
by Gideon over 2 years ago

Spy Blog


This United Kingdom based blog highlights surveillance trends by the State, corporations, and criminals in pursuit of individual’s personal information and private details. The blog calls for implementation of stronger protections and safeguards without eroding individual freedom and liberty.

City of London Police commissioner versus Apple & Google Mobile Phone Phone handset encryption
by wtwu almost 3 years ago
Are United Kingdom Security Clearance databases secure, in the light of US failures ?
by wtwu about 3 years ago

Friends of Justice


This blog is sponsored by the Friends of Justice a nonprofit organization dedicated to upholding due process and “ending mass incarceration’ within the criminal justice system. The blog presents narrative-based campaigns highlighting unfolding cases where due process has blatantly failed.

A bizarre (and clarifying) election
by Alan Bean over 2 years ago
How Bernie is changing the game
by Alan Bean over 2 years ago