Trials and Tribulations


Don't look for the writers on this site to provide coverage of every criminal trial that comes their way. Do enjoy, however, the depth of insight they bring to the stories they select.

Lonnie Franklin Trial Update & Notes From Sprocket
by Sprocket over 2 years ago
Sherri Rae Rasmussen 2/7/1957 - 2/24/1986
by Sprocket over 2 years ago

Pardon Power


One often-forgotten component in the criminal process is the president's ability to override the system. Learn more about this seldom-invoked capacity here.

Buckley on Hearst, and Pardoning
by P.S. Ruckman, Jr. over 2 years ago
Mrs. Clinton to Break Down Barriers?
by P.S. Ruckman, Jr. over 2 years ago

Cop in the Hood


Peter Moskos would impress great crime minds like Connelly's with his CV alone, having been educated at both Princeton and Harvard. He might just be envied by outstanding crime writers too, because Peter exhibits a rare wit and understanding of the criminal system in his books and blog. That savvy was likely earned in abundance from his work as an on-the-force policeman; each post brims with authenticity you can only glean from the streets.

This is what rational drug policy looks like
by Peter Moskos over 3 years ago
Don't snort the white heroin!
by Peter Moskos over 3 years ago

Agatha Christie: News and Insights


The name and brand, "Agatha Christie," firstly speaks to a series of inimitable crime and mystery fiction. But her writings have found a comfortable and perennial home in television and film as well. Movies like Murder on the Orient Express and countless episodes of Masterpiece Theater have made Christie a mainstay of criminal analysis exercises. This blog provides a strong introduction to what makes her work so special, including commentary from her grandchildren.

Baker Street Blog


Sherlock Holmes, one of the all-time wittiest spies, finds a blog here dedicated to his majesty. Literature and entertainment featuring the character provide for each post.

Crime Scene Training


You are your neighborhood's number-one fan of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. You tape each episode on DVR to watch it again and again during the week. Clearly, crime analysis runs through your blood. In order to capitalize on your gumshoe instincts, you are strongly advised to visit this blog regularly, themed on taking what you see on the show and allowing you to understand how real-life crime professionals go about those procedures.

NIJ Part 01 Arriving at the Scene
by Don Penven over 4 years ago
NIJ Part 02 Documenting and Evaluating the Scene
by Don Penven over 4 years ago

Her Interactive


Baby spies can use these elementary espionage posts to foster their growth. Lessons from Nancy Drew and other young pros define this site's material and mood.

-->Moving the Amateur Sleuth Blog<--
by Little Jackalope about 4 years ago
Secret Projects & Monday News
by Little Jackalope about 4 years ago

World Criminology


This is a blog site for anyone interested in working in the criminal investigative world. If that describes what you want, this site has all that you need. With information from salaries to what course you should take.

Private Investigator


For the aspiring PI. If you're curious how to become a Private Investigator or you want to better your skills PI Blog has just what you need. This site has information on careers, cases and different investigations.

Sep 16, Battery Investigation
almost 4 years ago
Aug 26, How Much Do Bounty Hunters Earn
almost 4 years ago

Sherlock's Case Files


Blogger Skipp writes about wiretapping, bugging, and other technology that can capture crime quietly. His private detective career also influences most posts here.

The Kill Zone


A blog consisting of the top murder mystery writers. Everyday a different writer writes a blog for your viewing pleasure. Come on the specific day of you favorite writer, or everyday because they're all great.

Should Harper Lee's Novel Be Published?
by James Scott Bell over 3 years ago
The Fog of War
by Mark Alpert over 3 years ago

Murder, Mystery &amp; Mayhem


A wonderful blog reviewing all of your favorite murder mystery books. This blog is a great place for you to come and see how your next book is reviewed. If you're curious what a book is about, there's no better place to find out.

Classic Mysteries


Classic Mysteries is a great site for the amateur sleuth. It offers something a little than the other sites listed because it's a site with a lot of grea podcast links.

More E-books Today Only!
by Les Blatt over 3 years ago
"A Coffin for Dimitrios"
by Les Blatt over 3 years ago

PI buzz


Tamara Thompson has created a site that will help you better gather information. See all the angles and know what to look for with the help of PI buzz.

Myspace and Flickr for Photo Search
by Tamara Thompson Investigations about 4 years ago
My Favorite Private Investigator Links (weekly)
by Tamara Thompson about 4 years ago

Private Eye Confidential


A blog about being a Private Investigator by a Private Investigator. PI Mike Spencer writes in detail about his cases and what it takes to be a good investigator.

Never Pick a Private Eye Based Only On Price
by Mike Spencer over 2 years ago
How A Private Investigator Helps Your Family Law Case
by Mike Spencer over 2 years ago

Sisters in Crime


Join sinc today and become part of an avid murder mystery book reading group. sinc is a great place to find out the newest and best books.

Murder She Writes


A cavalcade of mystery writing's best women authors contribute great content here. Readers learn about their latest works, and also how those works were created.

Happy Friday!
by Allison Brennan about 4 years ago
Boob Tube No More
by Allison Brennan about 4 years ago

Crime Spider


A crime database with so much more than just unsolved murder mysteries. Scroll through and find information on different types of crimes that have and haven't been solved.

Criminal Minds


Award winning authors come together and created a blog just for their fans. Criminal Minds is the perfect place for you if you love murder mysteries!

Girl Reporter Exposes Family Secrets
by Susan C Shea over 2 years ago
Tears, Fears, and Cheers
by Art Taylor over 2 years ago

Houston Unsolved


A forum to discuss murder mysteries and cold cases in the Houston area. Discuss cold cases with others on the easy to use forums on this site.

Type M for Murder


Some of the best murder mystery writers blogging togther. Find out more about their books and get inside their heads.

For the Sake of Humanity
by Vicki Delany over 2 years ago
The Con Game
by Mario Acevedo over 2 years ago