General Blog of Crime


Criminologists who met back in grad school hopscotch through myriad crime topics here. Poverty and dating violence are among their most recent concentrations.



Readers will find little personal information about the blogger of this prolific and expansive page. Instead, they'll have to pull out a few forensic tools of their own by reading this writer's postings that are analytical but not too brainy. Even criminology newbies won't find themselves falling behind with the comprehensive material on offer here. The blog focuses a good deal on the state of Virginia, but readers everywhere will enjoy the site's appealing take on crime and the law.

Women in Crime Ink


Lady killers and femme fatales need not apply to contribute to this all-female blog. The women here all stand on the upright side of the law and provide cogent and thoughtful opinions on all sectors of the criminological environment. The writers boast a diversity of backgrounds: Some are current or former defense attorneys, others claim healthy careers as crime authors, and still more are criminal profiles and private investigators. Proof that though it's a man's world, women know best how to keep it in check.

The Walter Scott Shooting
by Pat Brown over 3 years ago
Crime Writing: The Almost New York Times Bestseller
by Cathy Scott almost 4 years ago

Neurological Correlates


This is the perfect blog for anyone insatiable about uncovering the ins and outs of the human psyche, disturbances to which often lead to a life led in crime and violence. This site concentrates on what makes tick the brains of psychopaths and narcissists, among other prototypes of dysfunctional behavior. The writers then take the further step and clarify brain connections to criminal activity and violent tendency. A great site that helps you figure out the "why" after the "what" and "how" are known.

Berklier-than-thou: Ethical vegetarians are the most obnoxiously judgmental of all vegetarians
by swivelchair about 4 years ago
We ask again: Do psychopaths have messed up myelin?
by swivelchair about 4 years ago

The Innocence Project


Affiliated with the Innocence Project, founded to free convicted prisoners through DNA testing, this blog is updated daily and features countless crimes involving tragic and wrongful convictions.

Prosecutors Want Prade Jailed after Appellate Ruling
over 4 years ago
New DNA Points to Innocence of North Carolina Man
over 4 years ago

Criminal HIV Transmission


A new crime has emerged -- unlawful and intended transmission of the HIV virus. This blog lets you know more about this warped and scary phenomenon.

Art Theft Central


Art theft, forgery, fakes, and the looting of antiquities has been a part of the art world since time immemorial. This blog provides wonderful tidbits as well as more comprehensive postings on the shadowy world of art crime. This blog is a great addition to those interested in studying art history from an intriguing perspective.

Chris Uggen


Professor Chris mixes sociology and criminology with some respectable self-appreciation here. Connelly fans can learn more about crime motivation in these posts.

Research on a Potato Chip Budget
by christopher uggen about 3 years ago
Public Criminology and the Social Media Echo Chamber
by christopher uggen over 3 years ago

Cambridge Ph.D. Candidates' Criminology


The preeminent British institution sponsors this crime blog to which its current students regularly contribute. Their studies provide refreshing new insights to the field.



Not all spies wear catsuits and monocles. In fact, many of the most effective spies are best defined as informants: individuals who exist inside a system and therefore can more easily find info to make it crumble. Blogger Alexandra tackles what could be a lofty and esoteric subject and renders it clear, accessible, and passionate. Affairs involving informants appear from every governmental level on this page. Moreover, Alex's commentary always adds a bit of unexpected zest.

Following a terrorism informant in real time
by Natapoff over 2 years ago
Washington Post zeroes in on jailhouse snitches in capital cases
by Natapoff over 2 years ago

Gavel to Gavel


This blog focuses on the troubles that plague American state courts. Issues like court jurisdiction and mandatory retirement ages for judges appear in well-crafted posts here.

Criminal Justice


America's most egregious criminal justice blunders provide this site's fodder. Each post is designed to encourage readers to take action and improve the circumstances of the law.

Not Guilty No Way


This Maryland criminal defense attorney ruminates deeply and wisely on the meaning of guilt in terms of the law. Her winding posts never let go of readers' attention.

Not Guilty No Way Podcast Episode 107 with Marc Randazza.
by Mirriam over 2 years ago
Why men don’t know how to behave around women. Part 1.
by Mirriam over 2 years ago

Historic True Crime


One way to learn about what criminal activity we can anticipate is to have a thorough knowledge of crimes past and forgotten. This site resuscitates the memory of major criminal activity from history.

Last Stop on Herald Schechter's 'Mad Sculptor' True Crime Blog Tour
by Laura James over 4 years ago

Executed Today


The idea of execution is one that blurs boundaries of topics as diverse as religion, criminology, and morality. This blog gives this concept a thoughtful treatment.

1865: The Jacksonville Mutineers
by Headsman over 3 years ago
Feast Day of St. Andrew
by Headsman over 3 years ago

Bent Society


Bent Society, the origin of Gonzo Criminology, looks int the bent side of everything. We are particularly interested in harmful fallacies, myths, quackery, crime mongers, criminals, tartuffians, hypocrites and charlatans with undue influence.

True Crime Cases


When you're tired of Law and Order and CSI, turn her for some authentic and true-to-life crime tales. Blogger Jakester doesn't joke around when it comes to justice.

The Crime Scene


Winner of numerous blog awards, this author delves into crimes mainly occurring in the Springifeld, Missouri area. Crime scene pictures and details are the basis for this more in-depth regional crime reporting. Reporting on the aftermath of the crimes, court proceedings, and convictions bring the local criminal justice system full circle.

Jury Finds Tuttle Guilty in Dan Martin's Murder:
by Kathee Baird almost 3 years ago
New Businesses Giving Crane’s Main Street A New Look:
by Kathee Baird almost 3 years ago

Criminal Convictions


The National Museum of Crime and Punishment has developed an excellent crime blog here. It focuses on widespread American crime analysis.

Recent Supreme Court Decisions
by crimemuseum over 4 years ago
Pro Se: Representing Yourself in Court
by crimemuseum over 4 years ago

Kidnapping, Murder, Mayhem


Here crime writer Robert A. Waters comments on actual cold cases, current and historical. The murder and kidnapping accounts read like a well-written novel -- except they're real!

The February 9th Killer
by Robert A. Waters over 2 years ago
Blog to be Put on Hold
by Robert A. Waters almost 3 years ago