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Alister Cameron is one busy guy. He is a blogging coach, designer, programmer, marketer, writer, educator/trainer, and strategist who blogs about blogging on the side. The great thing about his blog is that he is totally accessible and even features a live chat option on his site. His passion? Changing the world one blog(ger) at a time.

Creative Hogg


A blog covering creative writing, creativity, inspiration, and other topics of interest to a writer. Stop on in!

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Open Road Writing


Open Road Writing was launched to guide writers toward greater confidence in their work by offering writer-centered content.

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Take Two Publishing Writing Blog


With creative inspiration, reviews of books we love, writing prompts, unique writing contests, publishing news and marketing advice – readers and writers alike will find something to love on our blog.

Anita Kushwaha: Life Behind the Pages
by CourtCoon2 about 4 years ago
Love, Hope, Betrayal… Get the Inside Scoop on Dead Land’s Main Cast Here!
by CourtCoon2 about 4 years ago

Writing for Games


Robert Echevarria is creator of Writing-for-Games.com. This website will provide industry news, game reviews and how to writing tips for games and other forms of interactive entertainment.

The Renegade Word


We publish creative writing tips, tricks, techniques, prompts, and even some original poetry and fiction Monday - Friday. Just think of us as your daily dose of inspiration!

Creative Nonfiction: “This Person”
by Lynn Hollenbeck almost 4 years ago
5 Questions from a Beginning Writer, Answered
by Julie M. Rodriguez almost 4 years ago

Robyns Rules...by robyn corum


I use my blog to share my personal writing, the writings of others, author interviews, book reviews and writing resources.

A Witer's Wings


This blog is by a writer and for writers, giving hints and tips for any stage of writing.

Tales and Troubled Times of a Hungry Writer


Writing has always been my passion. I take it more seriously now. So far I've completed three books and am trying to write and complete 64 separate story ideas. I feel that the only way to unclutter my mind is to finish these stories and have them in print.

The Writing Deputy


The Writing Deputy is a blog that takes a humorous look at the writing process.

Writers' End


Getting budding writers to put pen to paper

Silently Heard Once


My parents named me Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria, but I am Silent Kim because I am a silent voice, making a mild attempt to be heard silently. In this fast past world, I am an illusionist that sees the future ahead, yet I am always a pace behind. I think, I feel, I believe therefore I write what I know from common sense, that is not always common. I will let you ride upon my tender wings and allow you to explore the heights and depths of my mentality. If you get lost I will find you and bring you back. After all I am just like you unique and one of a kind. I am silently trying to be heard in a loud world. Welcome to my world where even I am invisibly seen.

One Aimless Writer


Writing ideas, tips, and challenges. This blog is meant to tell the journey of a writer and inspire others to manifest their dream of becoming a writer.

Raven Writing Desk


Need a story starter? The Writing Desk is a prompt to help writers write. Whether you are a professional writer or simply keep a personal journal, whether you are experiencing writer’s block or just need the exercise, a prompt may do just the trick. Good luck in your writing!

Christina Jones


You'll find writing tips, personal stories,flash fiction, short stories and anything writing related here.

The Narrative Breakdown


The craft of creative writing, screenwriting, playwriting, children's books, and literary fiction is discussed by Cheryl Klein and James Monohan. We share tips and techniques of interest to any writer, student, or fan of quality prose fiction, screenplays, plays, English literature, etc. Each episode, we analyze popular novels, movies, Broadway shows, television shows, short stories, and more. Featuring various expert guests as well as material from Cheryl Klein's book 'Second Sight' and James' app 'The Storyometer.'u

Using Meta-Data, Labels, Colors, Keywords, etc.
by James over 4 years ago
Artificial Intelligence and Us
by James over 4 years ago

Ritty's Adventures in Writing


For the Book Lover AND Aspiring Writer! Inspiration for the aspiring writer, guest posts by fantastic authors, and exciting giveaways for everyone!

The Mercury Trial


I love writing, learning about writing, publishing, and SEO. The goal for my blog is two-fold: • Write content that gives insight to my thoughts, is interesting and hopefully helpful to others; and • Build a community by connecting with others. The writing journey can be a solitary one, but doesn’t need to be! Come and take a look!

Creative Writing Exercises


Daily writing exercises, interview with published authors on their writing life and great resources for you to use.

Keyboard Smash Writers


We run this beast as a semi-personal writing blog and a little community for writers to connect, support, and share their progress. That means we like to talk to everyone and we like everyone to talk to us about all their writerly things.

First 250 Words Smash! #56
by Sarah and Victoria almost 4 years ago
First 250 Words Smash! #55
by Sarah and Victoria almost 4 years ago

Tonia Brewer


Writing advice, creative writing, personal experiences