Kim's Craft Blog


Learn more about fiction and how it works by exploring Kim's posts and her links to various literary journals. Whether you are debating which point of view to take in your latest literary endeavor or eager to make a memorable and unique voice, Kim's Craft Blog is here to help.

The Art and Beauty of the Dramatic Monologue
by K.S. Davis over 3 years ago
Glory, Glory: Some Notes on Satire
by K.S. Davis over 3 years ago

Easy Street Prompts


Easy Street Prompts is determined to "[scare] The Bloc away" by posting a prompt a day to help writers get going on their manuscripts. Start your day with this blog to get unstuck.

Prompt 1149: you could eat off the floor
by Monda over 4 years ago

Six Sentences


What can you say in six sentences? This blog features short, short stories (also known as "flash fiction") from contributors.

The Boots
by Robert McEvily over 3 years ago
by Robert McEvily almost 5 years ago

Newspaper Blackout


"Newspaper + marker = poetry." This equation is the premise of "Newspaper Blackout," where contributors make poetry by eliminating words from a news clipping.

austinkleon: An oldie, for Ireland
about 3 years ago
Recent newspaper blackouts by austinkleon
about 3 years ago

Becoming a Fiction Writer


Amanda has tried to avoid writing. She studied mathematics, worked at a medical university, and travelled. But her dream to write is unavoidable. Read about Amanda's literary wanderings on this blog.

Dear Writer … revisited
by Amanda Kendle almost 5 years ago

Charlotte Rains Dixon


If you've ever wondered about ghostwriting, this blog would be a good place to consult. Charlotte Dixon is, among other things, a ghostwriter. Learn about ghostwriting or just catch ahold of Charlotte's enthusiasm for the literary life by reading this blog.

7 Productivity Hacks For Your Writing + A Last-Minute Bonus One
by Charlotte Rains dixon over 2 years ago
Otherwhere: Phew!
by Charlotte Rains dixon over 2 years ago



David Weedmark is the published author of a novel and a couple of books of poetry. Read from any of David's posts from the following categories to delve into his writerly mind: Working, Marketing, Promoting; Reading, Reviewing, Expanding; Pondering, Questioning, Urging; Writing, Editing, Prosing & Poeting; and Living, Laughing, Striving.

It’s Finally Syrup Weather
by David over 4 years ago
5 Ways to Fish for Ideas
by David over 4 years ago



This writing blog has a little bit of everything. Read book reviews, commentary on the publishing world, pointers on the best writing software, and more!

Delish Fiction


This professional helps writers with the creative and technical aspects of writing. Read about why creative writers need a journal, how to develop a great author website, and how you can be paid for your work.

by delishfiction.com over 4 years ago
by delishfiction.com over 4 years ago

Restless Writers


Three literary ladies maintain Restless Writers as a forum for their literary group. Join in the conversation with these charming posts on the writing life.

Discovering the “Good” in Good Bye
by Sharon over 4 years ago
My writing albatross
by Andrea over 4 years ago

Sharing Poetry


If you need inspiration from the greats, this blog brings you daily poetry from T.S. Eliot, Billy Collins, W.B. Yeats and more.

The Office of Letters and Light


The Office of Letters and Light organizes writing programs and workshops for kids and adults to find their creative spark. Follow the staff as their gear up for their various writing events!

Everything We Know About...Editing!
by ollintern over 4 years ago
Everything We Know About...Scripts!
by ollintern over 4 years ago

Unstressed Syllables


Unstressed Syllables wants to take the stress out of writing so that you can improve in your craft. Read articles on creativity and technicalities for any writing endeavor you take on.

Write Anything


We have seen a number of blogs that give writing advice. But what we really love about this blog is its [Fiction] Friday and Spoken Sunday column. Be challenged with a creative prompt each Friday and record a spoken word piece on Sunday.

Writerly Life


How do you keep a creative thread running through your life? For Blair, the solution was this blog. Follow along to improve your technique, read book reviews, and gain the tools to help make publication a reality.

Letting Go of the First Page
by bhurley1 over 2 years ago
How to Set Writing Goals You Can Keep – and Make This Your Best Year Ever
by bhurley1 over 2 years ago



This blog takes a heartfelt and spiritual approach to writing. Take a look at this blogger's take on swimming in an ocean of letters.

Stuck in the Muck
by Bruce Black almost 4 years ago
The Path to the Sea
by Bruce Black almost 4 years ago

Soul of a word


How does creativity happen? This Soul of a word blog, based on the book Uncommon Genius, brings takes away the mystery of the relationship between muse and writer.

we are most alive in dreams


Pure creative writing and no exposition, this blog is an unapologetic project of poetry and short, creative prose. Raw and full of painful honesty, this blog quietly makes our list and intrigues us to read more.

Summer: Stutter
almost 4 years ago
almost 4 years ago

The Unreliable Narrator


This blogger writes on anything that catches her fancy. Read her creative rants, diary-like posts, poems, and creative stories here in the Unreliable Narrator's bold, sardonic, and unapologetic voice.

One Sentence Stories


Can a story still be a story with only one sentence? We say yes. Learn about succinct storytelling by reading this creative writing blog's micro-stories.

Writing on the Slow Train: Main Street Writers


Kathy Dunn leads Creative Writing workshops using the Amherst Writers and Artists method, which has inspired many authors. Her blog addresses secrets of the writing life, what gets in our way and what can pull us forward. Very accessible and informative

Unreliable Narrator


Poems, stories, confessions, letters, diaries. Plus some articles on life in Jakarta, Indonesia, and pop culture. A continuation of my first blog amelanniza.blog.com.

by Mel of Hyacinth over 2 years ago
by Mel of Hyacinth over 2 years ago

Sojourners Indecisive


Sojourners Indecisive is an innovative, interactive multi-media blog which encourages and intends to utilize the massive distribution of free information made available with today’s technologies, to provoke thought, to promote education, to produce inspiration, and to achieve dignity with a diligent honesty and honestly diligent work ethic. Feel free to contribute in any way that you can. SojournersIndecisive.com is a community with a broad scope, seeking unique approaches to the arts. We are a growing collaboration of growing contributors for growing audiences. Thanks for participating and helping us think of ways to improve and expand in your fields, whatever they may be.

Laurel's Quill


I write about my life experiences, the things I create and do, and my perceptions about life in general. I love to create beauty and inspire others by the words I write and the images I use.

Sharing a Laugh...
by Laurel's Quill over 2 years ago
If you don't write it down...
by Laurel's Quill over 2 years ago

Words That Etch


original poetry by the author from a life of traveling the highways,meeting people and experiencing many cultures