The Pressing Pen


C. Ammon (sounds like 'Salmon') Cheney. I am thirty-two and I have written for pleasure and for therapy for 20 years. I want to one day finish a novel, but for now I am satisfied to share my inspirations. I believe the motivations that have kept pressing my pen to the paper can spark the creativity of others. Attaining "Truth" through writing is my objective, which is to say that I am trying to acknowledge the truth of my identity, my past, and my potential. I am truly grateful for any that take the time to read my words. May your pen always have ink in it!

For the Down Under
by Ammon over 4 years ago
Between Midterms: In The Eye of the Storm
by Ammon over 4 years ago

Byrdie Grey - A Writer of Poetics and Poetry


A young 20-something writer living in the San Francisco Bay Area, just about to graduate into the "Real World". I post about my adventures in publishing, college, travel, as well as book reviews and original poems and excerpts.

Book Review: Reached by Ally Condie
by Byrdie Grey over 3 years ago
by Byrdie Grey almost 5 years ago

A Modern Day Poet


Just a place where I post poems and links to my published works.

The Threads Fiction Project


The Threads Project blog contains both fan fiction and original fiction both short stories, prose and the book length The Elliptical Threads a fan fiction and the Wanderer Threads is the newest book length work of original fiction. The newest book will start sometime in the winter of 2013.

Well it needs to get a lot louder around here
by slightlyoffkey about 3 years ago
A new TBBT One shot is on the blog Casting About, Enjoy
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pixelhose focuses on new and emerging writers. We just published our first short story collection of some of the best submissions to our writing contest.

Lee Bice-Matheson


My blog is a creative outlet for author Lee Bice-Matheson who has written her first book in the Paige Maddison series named Wake Me Up Inside. While I post about the book, I also include other authors and their links, opinions about ghosts and spirituality.

My path to self publishing Multicultural YA, Fantasy and Science Fiction Novels


This blog follows the steps we're taking to make our indie book the best it can be and tips on how to consider every possibility deciding the self publishing route. If any aspiring authors aren't really sure one what outlets are out there when you publish independently link up to our blog and we hope to share what we're doing and still doing to try to get our book in as many heads as possible :)

Our sister blog will be featured on “BookLove!”
by GL Tomas over 4 years ago
Diversity on The Shelf-Reading Challenge 2014
by GL Tomas over 4 years ago

Why Was I an Author Again


Right now I am talking about self-publishing. In the next month or so, I'll do some fun, introspective blogs, and then move on to creative writing posts. I'll also post press releases when I release new books.

PublicBit | Get Latest Technology, Movies, Gadget News


Read articles about the latest technology news and highlights covering computer Hardware, Software and Social media news at PublicBit.

Get Started Now
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Hello world!
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Literary Rejections on Display


A VAST PUBLIC COLLECTION OF REAL-LIFE REJECTION. Blog by Writer, Rejected, who is third-gendered and a published, award-winning author of fiction and creative nonfiction--but whatever. In the eyes of many, still just a literary reject.