Writing Thru Complex PTSD


PTSD wreaks havoc on the mind. It can lead to dissociative and bipolar disorders, an atrophy or disappearance of one's personality, and manic episodes. This sufferer, who is also a creative writing MFA candidate, realized that only writing could provide a forum personal and penetrative enough to strike real, authentic change in one's understanding of the self and what life actually means. Readers ought to prepare themselves for some heart-wrenching, cathartic poetry and writing here.

Dr. Bessel van der Kolk
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Writers on Writing
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A Writer's Life


Lee Goldberg is warmhearted and honest in conveying the highs and lows of mystery writing. He also gets into the realities of publishing in the genre.

Anthony Rainone


Blogger Anthony, of Brooklyn fame, has developed a strong following for his fiction. His blog demonstrates that writing and also his affinity for pop culture.

Best Wall Paint Colour Ireland
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The Perfect Small Laundry Room
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College Confidential


Universities are not necessarily willing to divulge their innermost secrets. Let this undercover blog get to the heart of the matter for you, with insightful reads.

Wait listed?
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KAIST requirement
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Best Travel Writing


Visit this contest site for occasional updates from the travel memoir world. But the real reason to stop by is for the extensive archives of winning travel essays.

Gold Award in Cruise Story: Siren Song of the Capybara
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Bronze Award in Bad Trip: The C Word
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Art & Lemons


Although this blog is not strictly about vegetarian cooking, this blog has capture our hearts by writing on "art, food, and story." We particularly love how this blog has a special emphasis on seasonal produce, sometimes with ingredients from the blogger's own backyard.

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Tarrytown, New York
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Soul Talker Gisele Poems


This is a poetry/prose blog based on personal experiences, past and current. This blog follows my 1st blog which I published into a book entitled: Strolling Down Heaven's Gate.

a social grumble


You’ll mostly find travel, music, sport, general ramblings and other uncategorisable guff here. At least 82% of it is true.

The Prodigal Scribe


Just a daily blog site on a varitety of ever-changing topics.



Ladaisi is a creative blog about life, written by a twenty-something artist and American expat currently living in Denmark. Topics generally feature creative writing, art, diy, parenting, homescooling, organic living, travel, fitness, books, and a bohemian lifestyle.

Moved || New Blog Home
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A Celebration
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Quratulain Tejani's Blog


My blog covers extremely diverse topics from business to fashion, from stories to book reviews. It shows opinionated, thought provoking, and informative write ups as well as displays my experiences and life long learning through them. I pour out my feelings in writing and my blog expresses them so wonderfully! :)

On God's unconditional love
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Top 5 Cafes in Karachi
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Wednesday Art Section


An art collective between friends who vary in media for artistic expression -- this will be mostly writing, but can also include visual/culinary/musical/photographic etc. arts.

Words Around Us


Composition of words that foster imagination and inspire curiosity. Poetry and stories

Prozac and Doughnuts


I am trying to strengthen my relationship with God while trying to make sense of my relationships with mankind. While I do not take Prozac or eat doughnuts on a daily basis, I would never judge anyone that might find comfort from either!

Darcy Drayce - Writer, Journalist, Storyteller


Collection of writings and blog of a lifetime writer and storyteller. Humorous, witty, observations of life with teens, getting older, life with a sassy blogging toad, and life in general.

You May Say I'm a Dreamer


You May Say I'm a Dreamer is a blog about living a full and happy life, the journey of happiness, not the pursuit, an obsession with books, and one Kiwi girl's quest to become a published author. Writer of You May Say I'm a Dreamer Sarah Hardie lives in Wellington, New Zealand and is currently working on three projects: A non-fiction book about a rural New Zealand town's dedication to keeping the Anzac tradition alive; a novel told by a jar of jam sitting high on a shelf in a small-town cafe where the past catches up with its residents who fled to the town to escape from their troubles; and lastly, a three-part series where two very different worlds, the 21st Century and WWII, collide when a young woman goes missing from 2010 and ends up in a time that is not her own, causing a chain of events that ends in murder, a jail break, illegitimate children, war, death, the messy business of falling in love, heartbreak, and finally, salvation and forgiveness.

I've moved!
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Happy new year!
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