Adventurous Kate


After quitting her job to be full time freelance travel writer, Kate has explored the world and used this blog to document her ventures. Check the "Travel Articles" tab to find destination specific articles - there you will find articles on cities throughout Europe, Asia, South and North America.

Privilege in the Gardens
by Kate McCulley over 2 years ago
Why I Moved to Harlem Instead of Brooklyn
by Kate McCulley over 2 years ago

Memories and Memoirs


This blogger is a two time author, holds a Ph.D., and has an MFA in Creative Writing. Some of the themes of this blog include freeing your voice, and writing as healing.

Mother–on Mother’s Day
by Linda Joy Myers about 4 years ago
Courage to Tell the Untold Stories of Mothers and Daughters
by Linda Joy Myers about 4 years ago

Alexis Grant


A travel writer started this blog to share her experience writing her first memoir about backpacking through Africa. You'll find plenty of travel writing tips, as well as book reviews, and interviews with other writers.

Our Twitter Love Story Continues… (Plus a Ridiculously Adorable Photo)
by Alexis Grant over 2 years ago
Why You Should Use Flow for Task Management (Over Basecamp or Asana)
by Alexis Grant almost 3 years ago

The Not So Secret Life of an Adoptee


True life I am adopted. Born in the womb and raised by the streets. I found my family with the help of social media. I am on tour documenting my reunion meeting my family.

Don't Tell My Adoptive Mom I Found My Birth Family
by Jessenia Arias over 2 years ago
How to Contact Your Birth Mother
by Jessenia Arias over 2 years ago

Kitschy Doll


A blog to chronicle my life with OCD through writings, poetry, and crafts (knitting and sewing). I want to share my battles and triumphs with anyone who can gain insights, support, and feedback. I want my blog to be a positive one overall and hopefully entertain a few in the process. To learn to love life.

Nouveau Trad


Nouveau Trad updates three times weekly with creative media of all sorts featuring gender politics, imperialism, and expatriatism.

New Posts..
by adabeie over 4 years ago

Food, People, Love And Stuff


A blog about my personal feelings, thoughts and emotions expressed in the form of stories, poetry and creative writing.

A stroll with my heart


All that moves me, inspires me.access to my deepest emotions.