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This Irish journalism student focuses his blog site on the music and political and cultural news that most appeals to him. The writing can be sarcastic, but always stellar.

Adrian Monck


This site, apparently just about news, belies its subjectively bland purpose. Rather, this Oxford-educated writer composes his reportage with palpable panache.

Half a century of British economic progress in one street
by Adrian Monck over 4 years ago

Expats Post


Expats Post is good journalism offering real information to readers by a network of freelance writers hooked on delivering original content and creative documentation inspired by the global discussion, with a collective interest in keeping a unique, passionate and honest perspective for all to enjoy.

An 18 Hole Round Of Golf and Life
by Pierre Cassidy about 4 years ago
Mrs. Peppercorn’s Magical Reading Room
by Jennifer Kiley about 4 years ago

The Why About This


A wide variety of written articles covering inspiration to politics, global concerns as well stylized writing both fiction and none, prose and poetry.