The CrossBreeds


A contemporary, Young-Adult, supernatural fiction blog, filled with mystery and romance, centered around a young woman and her family's lineage.

Just a Day in the Life


A creative writing blog with short stories, poems, fables, and more. Now with its very own forum!

As Long As It Lasts


Seventeen year old Evangeline Woods is filled with forever promises, the promise of her father to never leave, the promise of a marriage to stay together, of friends growing up and staying side by side, and a boyfriend’s promise to love her always. She’s in a moment where everything is perfect, until, in a blink of an eye, a terrible car crash takes all of those promises, all of those forever’s away, they have all been broken. Now she must go to the place where it all started, her grandmother‘s house in her old town, forget the life she once had, and start a new one, to see if those forever’s can be saved, and to trust herself again. Find family when she thought she’d lost it. Find love when she wasn’t looking for it. Find friendship when she was in most need, and to find a home, when she had never felt so lost. Sometimes you need to lose it all, to find everything.

Disposable Tea


Explore creative writing and storytelling through literary and pop-cultural examples. Every week, a prompt is presented, essays throughout the week explore the topic, and stories are shared. Disposable Tea believes in good writing, regardless of genre, writer bias, or ideology. Come on over and take a sip!

Stories For The Mases


A website for talking about and telling stories. The main focus is science fiction, fantasy and horror, but I go wherever there's a good story.

Daily Photo 17 – 7-28-14
by Mike Manz almost 4 years ago
Daily Photo 16 – July 27, 2014
by Mike Manz almost 4 years ago

Random Acts of Writing


These short stories first appeared in a competition based on random images emailed to participants. Greg has kind eyes and earns a living dancing for gold coins. A former scriptwriter, foreign correspondent and radio newsreader, his first novel THE BERLIN CROSS was published by Random House.

The Scarlet Queen


Averal is a dark fiction writer. She dives into the themes of abandonment, isolation, the balance between light and darkness in her never ending exploration of the soul. She spends her days writing in lovely cafes for inspiration with a good cup of latte.

Little Gold Pencil


Little Gold Pencil is a space for writers to share their poetry and short stories and receive feedback from a community of creative people. All work on Little Gold Pencil is available for critique, with the option for comment included on every post; however, the site is moderated and only constructive criticism will be published. The aim of the site is to foster a positive community of creative writers, encouraging people to share and discuss their work.

Written Snippets, A Good Start


In an attempt to engage my creative side, I've decided to try and keep a blog and fill it with random story snippets that I write. The snippets I write are not necessarily connected in any way, and most likely will never actually form a complete story (hence 'Snippets'). I plan to explore several genres, although I expect that I'll mainly be focusing on Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Hopefully I'll write something you'll enjoy reading.

SoJourn(al): Private Dreams to Public Art


I feature philosophical explorations on historically and culturally relevant issues in art, music and literature on the the general theme of dreaming in all its modern psychological import, as a means to exhibit a regularly updated practice of spontaneous prose in the form of flash fiction and original poetry linked to my accompanying poetry manuscript and writing art websites.

The Write Brothers Club


Poetry and creative writing are the focal points of the Write Brothers.

The Revolution Factory


The Revolution Factory produces original works of fiction (in the forms of series, mini-series, and short stories) consisting of multiple genres, but mainly adventure and sci fi. Tune in week after week to enjoy a free ride through the diverse and inspiring worlds including horror, western, fantasy, zombies, time-travel, and super heroes



I sneeze too loud, and spend way too much time fantasizing Sophia Petrillo as my grandma. And if you know who she is (without googling buddy), please come forward as we should be besties. I also write short stories based on pretty pictures.

Short... but not always so sweet


Flash fiction stories. Life does not guarantee "happy ever after" and neither do these stories. Because real life is like that sometimes.