Copyblogger is a head above others as it does the incredible task of assisting copy writers to revamp and enhance their creative skills in a variety of different ways. Brian Clark provides some fantastic copy writing tips in areas such as content, email, and internet marketing and of course SEO copy writing. And this is the tip of the iceberg.

Content Marketing and Advertising Meet in a Dark Alley: Who Wins, and Why?
by Demian Farnworth over 2 years ago
Rainmaker Rewind: 12 Tips for Creating Calls to Action that Work on LinkedIn Pulse
by Caroline Early over 2 years ago

Bob Bly Copywriter


Bob Bly Copywriter site is just plain fascinating read for a copywriter. With brief but very astute thoughts on the “mail” items such as e-mail, junk mail, direct mail, plus the difference of a good and great marketer, Bob’s blog is one to be reckoned with.

Hello world!
by mineminemine over 2 years ago
Do you know these marketing rules of thumb?
by Bob Bly almost 3 years ago

Copywriting Dean


Copywriting Dean has a mega amount of copy writing experience in his life time belt and is not particularly prudish about sharing his enormous wealth of information on his blog. If you are puffed up on getting the no-holds-barred low down on copy witting plus then this is the stop for you.

Divine Write


Glenn Murry portrays a copy writer with the patience of Job as he cajoles those who visit Divine Write about the art of copy-writing through blogging articles, tidbits, and anything else that he feels is advantageous. For those copy writing followers needing a “tender touch” be sure to stop on by Glenn’s blog site.

How do you make technical copy easy to read?
by Glenn Murray over 4 years ago
Just $99/hr – Copy and design
by Glenn Murray over 4 years ago



Sam Thewlis blog Clarity urges you to be bold and brave in voice and appearance while promoting yourself. Delve into Clarity and you will gain knowledge in numerous subjects including copy writing, information propagation, and special training. Clarify your copy writing life in Clarity.

The Bottom of the Ocean


Original poems and short stories inspired by the dark mind of a quiet girl.

Future History, Fictional Reality


My creative writing blog where I will archive my flash fiction and post updates on my writing endeavors.



I'm a novelist and managing editor for Champlain College Publishing Initiative. I'm working on my second novel, about a mobbed-up 1960s Newark mayor, so I blog a lot about mafia guys lately.

Moral or No?: Was Hugh Addonizio a good person?
by catfeeder about 3 years ago
Let’s talk about craft
by catfeeder over 3 years ago

Pax Asteriae


Pax Asteriae's blog of everything: from short stories, chapters of ongoing works and flash fiction to ridiculous personal challenges and even the occasional book review.

For the Love of words


Why this blog? To enjoy the little things in life…for one day I will look back and realise they were big things…All these scribbling's which I wish to someday be able to remember with a few laughs all the way….:)

Join Ariel #ShareTheLoad -(1)
by Novemberschild over 2 years ago
Chronicle of a Corpse Bearer
by Novemberschild over 2 years ago

Cymberle - A Writer's Journey


Coping with the passion to write and the desire for success.

Dip-Tea Blogs Here...


Short stories, parenting, film reviews, sewing and quilting, random thoughts. - thats all I blog about

Karen Elizabeth Brown


My blog shares my thoughts on the process of Indie writing and being self-published. It contains updates on books from myself and others.

Truth and Fiction



Big Fish Book Blog


Big Fish Blog explores the writing, editing and publishing process with a focus on first time and independent authors.



on brainsnorts.com you'll find original short stories, novels in progress, flash fiction, social commentary, and memoir/autobiographical posts about anything from spending a night in jail to battling with my ex-wife.

Quote Equation


A blog where we mix up quotes to create a new one. Curious? Why won't you visit to find out?

Moonlight and Sims


Follow Claire Parker's adventures in "A Pair of Brown Eyes", an ongoing Victorian-era story, to discover why she's hiding under a false identity and working as a doctor's assistant so far away from her home.

Unos Ojos marrones: Capítulo 30 (el Penúltimo)
by Marsar almost 3 years ago
A Pair of Brown Eyes: Chapter 30 (the Last but One)
by Marsar almost 3 years ago