Prozac and Doughnuts


I am trying to strengthen my relationship with God while trying to make sense of my relationships with mankind. While I do not take Prozac or eat doughnuts on a daily basis, I would never judge anyone that might find comfort from either!

Ideas that Entertained a Soul


Superficiality races to extremes, over bona fide means and inclusive dreams. Together we are better. Keep shining on! [Poetic Prose]

OUR DAY Publishing


Our Day Publishing is an E-book publishing company founded by Hawaii-based poet Steven Seril and Utah-based fiction writer Deborah Schauf as an interstate, interscholastic project. Their founding vision was to highlight the works of unrecognized and overlooked writers.

Our Lost Jungle


"A blog focusing on the art and craft of poetry. The 'lost jungle' of poetry is that place where we stop forcing words into line and start letting them play--this blog seeks to engage that play in and through poetry. Features include craft tips and advice for poets and writers, opportunities for writers, personal updates, resources and quotes for writers from writers, and more."

the multitasking writer
by Khara House almost 3 years ago
You know it's hard out there for a [poet]
by Khara House almost 3 years ago

Metaphors and the Modern Girl


My name is Jamie and inspiration flows into my heart from all around me. The world has been good to me so im trying to give back to the world through creativity, joy, love, and honesty. Sometimes naughty. Sometimes sad. Sometimes jubilant. Flip through my metaphors like pages

You never knew left feet till me.
by Metaphor Molly about 4 years ago

Leyla Iten


Poetry is a way in which I am able to express my creative instincts. Through reading and writing, I enjoy the freedom of looking for honesty within in my imagination.

by leyla Iten over 3 years ago
I ask a spoil of blue sky
by leyla Iten over 3 years ago

The CrossBreeds


A contemporary, Young-Adult, supernatural fiction blog, filled with mystery and romance, centered around a young woman and her family's lineage.

Painting You With Words


Original poetry by written by Texas writer Chris Wood and showcased with beautiful artwork and photography from some of the world's most talented artists.

Best Love Poems – Spring Favorites
by Chris Wood about 4 years ago
We Know Exactly!
by Chris Wood over 4 years ago

Verba Mea Vita


Verba Mea Vita means “My life is words” in Latin. In a sense this is ultimately true. As a writer, I think, eat, sleep, and breathe words. Without words and writing, where would our culture be? Through this blog I hope for it to be the “less formal” of the two blogs I have. Now and then, I will post my poetry on this site as well as the other through The Remaining Poet Society . I advise anyone who loves poetry or writing to visit this site and become a follower.

So Much For Striving…
by Lamberta about 4 years ago
A Jolly Good Time!
by Lamberta over 4 years ago

Unknown Bloggers


The unknown bloggers is all about creative writing. I put up some of the topics and just write on it. It is a place where others may also publish their work. It will be growing as time passes.



I am an Electronics Engineering student. I learn ENGINEERING because I need to learn it. I write on my blog about political scenarios, social problems and ethics and some geek gadget stuff as well. Writing is my motivation, my compassion.

Maati Bandhe Painjanee..
by kirtikumarkasat over 2 years ago
The food junction: Indore’s best food guide.
by kirtikumarkasat about 4 years ago

Butterfly Julz


A mix of poetry, creative writing and life. Julie A. Eastin author of several short stories, Open Till Midnight - Dark Moon Books, Midsummer Eve - Short Sips, Claudia’s Grave Tales - Twisted Dreams Magazine and soon to be published children’s book Have You Seen Harry?. She is a poetess and is always creating new poems for her blog Butterfly Julz.

Just a Day in the Life


A creative writing blog with short stories, poems, fables, and more. Now with its very own forum!

Darcy Drayce - Writer, Journalist, Storyteller


Collection of writings and blog of a lifetime writer and storyteller. Humorous, witty, observations of life with teens, getting older, life with a sassy blogging toad, and life in general.



a blog that shows the world through the eyes of a boy who can see that "everything is a wonder". most of the posts are poems in an experimental, wonderfully childlike style inspired by the early works of ee cummings. there are also little snippets of the author's life; important, funny, entertaining, and inspiring little happenings that people can learn from and relate with. occasionally, it features original artworks and quaint little short stories.

Flashback To A Childhood Summer’s Day
by briansarfati over 4 years ago
The Truth Is A House
by briansarfati almost 5 years ago

By Chance Writing


A collection of my poetry, essays, letters, papers, and on occasion insights and rants. Unlike most people who grow out of their teenage writing careers, I seem to have grown into it.

Seventy-first Letter to Anais
by William Pettus over 4 years ago
Fourth Letter to Runners
by William Pettus over 4 years ago