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The Prodigal Scribe


Just a daily blog site on a varitety of ever-changing topics.



Ladaisi is a creative blog about life, written by a twenty-something artist and American expat currently living in Denmark. Topics generally feature creative writing, art, diy, parenting, homescooling, organic living, travel, fitness, books, and a bohemian lifestyle.

Moved || New Blog Home
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A Celebration
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Just a blog


It's what you what to take from it. Who am I to tell you differently. Some of it is poetry, some poetic, and most just nonsense.

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The Not So Secret Life of an Adoptee


True life I am adopted. Born in the womb and raised by the streets. I found my family with the help of social media. I am on tour documenting my reunion meeting my family.

Don't Tell My Adoptive Mom I Found My Birth Family
by Jessenia Arias over 2 years ago
How to Contact Your Birth Mother
by Jessenia Arias over 2 years ago

What Kate Did Next


Author, blogger, boondoggler. If your juggling skills could give the cirque de soleil a run for its money, this is the site for you - books, family life, and regular writing tips.

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Guest: Brigid Keenan
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LeahJLynn Writer in Progress


A place where creativity sets me free and at times brings me back to childhood. While exploring every creative outlet that comes to my mind. Blessings and Smiles

Theatre & Book Folks
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Every Second Counts
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Leander 42


A struggling writer stops glugging the vino long enough to finally engage with modern technology and create a blog...and then wonders whether the world would have been better off if he'd just opened another bottle instead.

Quratulain Tejani's Blog


My blog covers extremely diverse topics from business to fashion, from stories to book reviews. It shows opinionated, thought provoking, and informative write ups as well as displays my experiences and life long learning through them. I pour out my feelings in writing and my blog expresses them so wonderfully! :)

On God's unconditional love
by Quratulain Tejani over 4 years ago
Top 5 Cafes in Karachi
by Bloggerholic over 4 years ago

Short Story


Short one minute stories for your entertainment

Creative Hogg


A blog covering creative writing, creativity, inspiration, and other topics of interest to a writer. Stop on in!

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My blog has mostly poems and a few pieces of short fiction.

Expats Post


Expats Post is good journalism offering real information to readers by a network of freelance writers hooked on delivering original content and creative documentation inspired by the global discussion, with a collective interest in keeping a unique, passionate and honest perspective for all to enjoy.

An 18 Hole Round Of Golf and Life
by Pierre Cassidy about 4 years ago
Mrs. Peppercorn’s Magical Reading Room
by Jennifer Kiley about 4 years ago

The Blind Poet of Eden


A teenagers attempt at writing off hand poetry and short stories etc.

Liberation of Fear and Love


The true hallmark of prose poetry lies in its ability to seize the unattainable; to arrive at places that no longer exist, and lend voice to the unspoken. In Liberation of Fear and Love, Gaskins artfully captures the rawest of emotions and frees them via inventive use of language and engaging prose. One lyrical verse after the other, Gaskins’ poetry becomes the voice that erects pillars of social justice, engaging readers into a Socratic dialogue as they travel into a time of love and music. Starting off with “Broken Silence” in this strikingly poignant volume, he speaks of “it is time for words to unravel from the lines of these pages and stand upright in the face of life.” Drawing upon his roots, he writes of the “Black Man” – if Michelangelo were to draw a portrait of the African-American man, he would have needed more colors of paint than just that of a Moor. In the collection’s second section, Gaskins’ words elevates into a “Lover’s Ascension” – I’d kiss her in a California summer rain, be her warmth in Ann Arbor’s chill, dive with her into waters of Carolina, free fall from the clouds and dance on a rainbow after the storm. Each piece in Liberation of Fear and Love is an antidote to the modern passivity permeating society. In the volume’s first section, “Perspectives Beyond the Veil”, Gaskins urges the reader to step from behind the veils of one’s limited perspective and try to look from an angle that has been otherwise ignored for a long time. The powerful message of love moving mountains is daintily reflected in every poem housed in the second section, “The Metronome of Love and Music”. Without a doubt, Gaskins’ poetry is the much-needed push clamoring for change in a world that has slowly distanced itself from charity, faith, hope, and most of all, genuine love.

Quirky Tales Blog


The Quirky Tales blog is where I lay out my thoughts about what's going on around me, things that inspire me, and my progress with my various writing projects. Sometimes silly, sometimes more reflective, it's an insight into the jumbled head of a creative writer.

More Experiments with Affinity Designer
by Quirky Tales over 2 years ago
Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring Petition
by Quirky Tales over 2 years ago

Wednesday Art Section


An art collective between friends who vary in media for artistic expression -- this will be mostly writing, but can also include visual/culinary/musical/photographic etc. arts.

Words Around Us


Composition of words that foster imagination and inspire curiosity. Poetry and stories