Writing Thru Complex PTSD


PTSD wreaks havoc on the mind. It can lead to dissociative and bipolar disorders, an atrophy or disappearance of one's personality, and manic episodes. This sufferer, who is also a creative writing MFA candidate, realized that only writing could provide a forum personal and penetrative enough to strike real, authentic change in one's understanding of the self and what life actually means. Readers ought to prepare themselves for some heart-wrenching, cathartic poetry and writing here.

Dr. Bessel van der Kolk
by amy sprague over 2 years ago
Writers on Writing
by amy sprague over 2 years ago

A Twist of Noir


In contemporary literature, flash fiction has become the latest craze. A well-written short story (short often meaning less than 500 words) can quickly cause pandemonium. A Twist of Noir, then, is all-out Bedlam. The blog enlists game writers from everywhere to contribute posts of the mystery genre with more than a dash of noir flair. This blog is one that wriggles into your bookmark list and plants itself there. The nearly seven hundred mini-mysteries all deserve a read.

Bill "AJ" Hayes Remembered
by Christopher Grant over 4 years ago
Bill "AJ" Hayes Remembered
by Christopher Grant over 4 years ago

and ever onwards to prudery.


This Irish journalism student focuses his blog site on the music and political and cultural news that most appeals to him. The writing can be sarcastic, but always stellar.

Adrian Monck


This site, apparently just about news, belies its subjectively bland purpose. Rather, this Oxford-educated writer composes his reportage with palpable panache.

Half a century of British economic progress in one street
by Adrian Monck over 4 years ago

Alister Cameron // Blogologist


Alister Cameron is one busy guy. He is a blogging coach, designer, programmer, marketer, writer, educator/trainer, and strategist who blogs about blogging on the side. The great thing about his blog is that he is totally accessible and even features a live chat option on his site. His passion? Changing the world one blog(ger) at a time.

A Writer's Life


Lee Goldberg is warmhearted and honest in conveying the highs and lows of mystery writing. He also gets into the realities of publishing in the genre.

Anthony Rainone


Blogger Anthony, of Brooklyn fame, has developed a strong following for his fiction. His blog demonstrates that writing and also his affinity for pop culture.

Best Wall Paint Colour Ireland
by tina kirana almost 4 years ago
The Perfect Small Laundry Room
by tina kirana almost 4 years ago

College Confidential


Universities are not necessarily willing to divulge their innermost secrets. Let this undercover blog get to the heart of the matter for you, with insightful reads.

Wait listed?
by falconrunner over 3 years ago
KAIST requirement
by gianguyendo over 3 years ago

Adventurous Kate


After quitting her job to be full time freelance travel writer, Kate has explored the world and used this blog to document her ventures. Check the "Travel Articles" tab to find destination specific articles - there you will find articles on cities throughout Europe, Asia, South and North America.

Privilege in the Gardens
by Kate McCulley over 2 years ago
Why I Moved to Harlem Instead of Brooklyn
by Kate McCulley over 2 years ago

Kim's Craft Blog


Learn more about fiction and how it works by exploring Kim's posts and her links to various literary journals. Whether you are debating which point of view to take in your latest literary endeavor or eager to make a memorable and unique voice, Kim's Craft Blog is here to help.

The Art and Beauty of the Dramatic Monologue
by K.S. Davis over 3 years ago
Glory, Glory: Some Notes on Satire
by K.S. Davis over 3 years ago

Memories and Memoirs


This blogger is a two time author, holds a Ph.D., and has an MFA in Creative Writing. Some of the themes of this blog include freeing your voice, and writing as healing.

Mother–on Mother’s Day
by Linda Joy Myers about 4 years ago
Courage to Tell the Untold Stories of Mothers and Daughters
by Linda Joy Myers about 4 years ago

Alexis Grant


A travel writer started this blog to share her experience writing her first memoir about backpacking through Africa. You'll find plenty of travel writing tips, as well as book reviews, and interviews with other writers.

Our Twitter Love Story Continues… (Plus a Ridiculously Adorable Photo)
by Alexis Grant over 2 years ago
Why You Should Use Flow for Task Management (Over Basecamp or Asana)
by Alexis Grant almost 3 years ago

Best Travel Writing


Visit this contest site for occasional updates from the travel memoir world. But the real reason to stop by is for the extensive archives of winning travel essays.

Gold Award in Cruise Story: Siren Song of the Capybara
by kelly about 4 years ago
Bronze Award in Bad Trip: The C Word
by kelly about 4 years ago

Art & Lemons


Although this blog is not strictly about vegetarian cooking, this blog has capture our hearts by writing on "art, food, and story." We particularly love how this blog has a special emphasis on seasonal produce, sometimes with ingredients from the blogger's own backyard.

by ArtandLemons over 2 years ago
Tarrytown, New York
by ArtandLemons over 2 years ago

Easy Street Prompts


Easy Street Prompts is determined to "[scare] The Bloc away" by posting a prompt a day to help writers get going on their manuscripts. Start your day with this blog to get unstuck.

Prompt 1149: you could eat off the floor
by Monda over 4 years ago

Six Sentences


What can you say in six sentences? This blog features short, short stories (also known as "flash fiction") from contributors.

The Boots
by Robert McEvily over 3 years ago
by Robert McEvily almost 5 years ago

Newspaper Blackout


"Newspaper + marker = poetry." This equation is the premise of "Newspaper Blackout," where contributors make poetry by eliminating words from a news clipping.

austinkleon: An oldie, for Ireland
about 3 years ago
Recent newspaper blackouts by austinkleon
about 3 years ago

Becoming a Fiction Writer


Amanda has tried to avoid writing. She studied mathematics, worked at a medical university, and travelled. But her dream to write is unavoidable. Read about Amanda's literary wanderings on this blog.

Dear Writer … revisited
by Amanda Kendle almost 5 years ago

Charlotte Rains Dixon


If you've ever wondered about ghostwriting, this blog would be a good place to consult. Charlotte Dixon is, among other things, a ghostwriter. Learn about ghostwriting or just catch ahold of Charlotte's enthusiasm for the literary life by reading this blog.

7 Productivity Hacks For Your Writing + A Last-Minute Bonus One
by Charlotte Rains dixon over 2 years ago
Otherwhere: Phew!
by Charlotte Rains dixon over 2 years ago



David Weedmark is the published author of a novel and a couple of books of poetry. Read from any of David's posts from the following categories to delve into his writerly mind: Working, Marketing, Promoting; Reading, Reviewing, Expanding; Pondering, Questioning, Urging; Writing, Editing, Prosing & Poeting; and Living, Laughing, Striving.

It’s Finally Syrup Weather
by David over 4 years ago
5 Ways to Fish for Ideas
by David over 4 years ago



This writing blog has a little bit of everything. Read book reviews, commentary on the publishing world, pointers on the best writing software, and more!



Copyblogger is a head above others as it does the incredible task of assisting copy writers to revamp and enhance their creative skills in a variety of different ways. Brian Clark provides some fantastic copy writing tips in areas such as content, email, and internet marketing and of course SEO copy writing. And this is the tip of the iceberg.

Content Marketing and Advertising Meet in a Dark Alley: Who Wins, and Why?
by Demian Farnworth over 2 years ago
Rainmaker Rewind: 12 Tips for Creating Calls to Action that Work on LinkedIn Pulse
by Caroline Early over 2 years ago

Bob Bly Copywriter


Bob Bly Copywriter site is just plain fascinating read for a copywriter. With brief but very astute thoughts on the “mail” items such as e-mail, junk mail, direct mail, plus the difference of a good and great marketer, Bob’s blog is one to be reckoned with.

Hello world!
by mineminemine over 2 years ago
Do you know these marketing rules of thumb?
by Bob Bly almost 3 years ago