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We are a small company located in the Eastern Central part of Alabama. Once upon a time we were in the "Graphic Arts Business" and our background was Screen Printing on a wide variety of items, like signs, and decals. Now we have begun to focus on more of the "Home Crafter Market" that has sprung up virtually overnight and we will surely continue to grow as more and more people HELP to revitalize AMERICA by starting their OWN BUSINESSES. ALL Our Products are 100% MADE in AMERICA by us (except the raw materials, duh.). We strive to ship your items fast and if there is a problem, it WILL be resolved. Check out our Facebook page to see what others are saying about our products and service. That does not come easily, folks; We WORK for that. We spend a lot of time getting things just right before we let it loose. In other words, we use it ourselves before we send it out. If we don't like it. we won't sell it to you. We try to keep EVERY item in stock at all times. Go ahead, BUY PLENTY, we'll make more! We hate waiting as much as you do ! Please check out our listings at our ONLINE STORE to see the great deals we have. We will continue to offer new products as often as we can. Our pledge to you is that we will try to make this your BEST experience ever. Try it out and see. Thanks for checking out our site and we'll be making improvements and adding new features soon....... Help spread the Love around for us by Checking us out on Facebook ( www.facebook.com/vinylcouture ) and shoot us a LIKE. Thanks!!! We LOVE our Customers!!



"Hasiok&firends" is a blog where I share my (mostly small Amigurumi) designs, and keep track of my current projects. Stop by, maybe something will catch your eye! :)