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The photo of The Avocado Wasabi Salad pictured on this blog is absolutely beautiful. Throughout this site the food pictures are accompanied with detailed recipes to make it easy to duplicate these delectable dishes.

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Vegan, Gluten Free, and vegetarian recipes on a budget.

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This site is dedicated to the bachelors who try to recreate their mom's flavor but end up in a kitchen full of mess..to the ladies who work all day in office ,at home and yet strive to give their families a healthy home-cooked fresh meal everyday…and to all of us who crave for authentic food.

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Mrs. Vinita Jain is a Housewife and ardent food lover. Being a follower of Jain religion, she has mastered the art of making tasty Indian food using the unique ingredients and her cooking style. Apart from Indian Food she has also experimented in making Vegetarian dishes internationally acceptable. She has previously run a small catering service to experiment with her cooking skills and get real time feedback from the food lovers. As per her, Cooking is all about love for food and passion to make dishes which tickles the taste buds. With her vast cooking experience of more than 40 years, she has not only cooked some great dishes but also taught cooking to few people. She believes in having a balanced life and practices yoga daily to keep a mind-body balance. She also religious and follows and preaches the basic principles of Jainism. The basic principle of Jainism, which is Ahimsa ( Non-Violence ) is what you can see in her dishes too. With an adoption of fast food and ready to eat food, she has kept her focus on making healthy dishes which not only gives the taste but also keeps one healthy. She promotes healthy living along with healthy food habits. This blog is an attempt by her to let others know how to make tasty and healthy dishes with ease. Mrs. Vinita Jain belongs to a small town in Uttarpradesh. The town also known famously as City of Glass and Bangles is Firozabad. She grew up in Firozabad before getting married in 1981. She started her cooking career when she was in 6th standard from her mother. She was a quick learner and always wanted to experiment with various dishes. She perfected the art of making Food without the use of Onion or Garlic (also known as Jain Food in India) at the same time preserving the taste completely. She got a chance to experiment with various Indian Dishes thanks to her husband, an Indian Central Government Employee who got transferred across India. While moving from city to city, from north to west and then east and finally south, she learned about various cultures and their dishes. She is now finally settled in city of pearls, Hyderabad. She wants to take Indian Food across borders and make it even more famous. She believes that cooking is a continuous process and their is still left lot to learn and gain perfection.