Middle Eastern Food


Beginners in Middle Eastern cuisine will find a bunch of easy-to-make recipes here on this site. There's also a lot of guidance on kebab perfection to be found here.

Orange County: Food Frenzy


Southern California's Orange County Register sponsors this blog that spotlights great M.E. cuisine finds on the West Coast. The pictures on this site will tantalize your eyes.

Dirty Kitchen Secrets


You'll rarely leave even the tiniest scraps on the plate when cooking dishes found on this page. It specializes in Lebanese cuisine and exceptionally yummy deserts.

Semolina Pancakes with Honeycomb Ricotta & Almond Butter
by Bethany over 4 years ago
Kabab Karaz-Venison & Sour Cherry Nests
by Bethany over 4 years ago

Kosher Persian Food


Ever thought that Kosher food and Iranian cuisine could never go hand in hand? This blog successfully and tastefully disputes that claim with some scintillating dishes.

Baroness Tapuzina


Looking to venture into the finest of Israeli cuisine? Let this blog serve as your launching pad into the home of such flavors as tamarind in Tel Aviv.

Blood Orange Tart with Orange-Almond Crust
by Baroness Tapuzina about 4 years ago

Almost Turkish


This blogger, raised in Turkey and living in the United States, espouses the malleability of her home cuisine. She takes care to mark traditional Turkish items with a capital T.

Easy Phyllo Pie (Kolay Peynirli Börek)
by Burcu over 2 years ago
Savory Leek Cake
by Burcu over 2 years ago

Turkish Food Passion


This blog melds the best of Turkish, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern cuisines and styles. The writers provide great recipes and detailed product reviews as well.

Istanbul Food


Come to this blog site when you're looking for truly standout Turkish recipes. The head writer takes special care to blend a human touch into every dish spotlighted.

Istanbul’s Coffee Shops: Kronotrop
by Tuba Şatana over 4 years ago
Offal minds in Istanbul
by Tuba Şatana over 4 years ago

B&D Kuwait


It's a sheer disgrace that Kuwait's outstanding cuisine has been overshadowed by larger conflicts and concerns. This blog highlights the unique appeal of the country's flavors.

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by Muhamad Hendra over 3 years ago
Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 S7582 Harga dan Spesifikasi
by Muhamad Hendra over 3 years ago

Libyan Food


Modern Libyan cuisine melds the best of the past with an eye toward sophisticated savory relevance on this page. Shargawi and Gharwabi dishes comprise a lot of the content.

Libyan Food


A Libyan-American currently making her home in Libya writes with heart and passion on this site. She does a great job of integrating societal concerns as she writes about her favorite food.

The Kitchen of a Saudi Wife


Learn what really takes place in a Saudi Arabian kitchen with this personal blog. The writing often gives its readers a recipe they can employ right away, that sparkles with authenticity.

Cook With Smile


Indian food blog having exotic veg cuisines from India and beyond...

The picky bowl


Cooking is passion and cook all kinds of food mostly Indian. I love to cook and share local food and recipes. I believe that simple recipes can lead to best results. Most of my recipes are Dogri and Kashmiri