Food in Jars


Marisa McClellan's goal is to get people canning, preserving and generally learning how to preserve the abundance of the seasons. She teaches canning classes around the Philadelphia area. Marissa's goal is to get as many people as possible as excited as she is about canning. That way you can have summer fresh canned goods in the blustery winter season and feel warm all over. Great recipes!

Big Cyber Monday Sale at Cuppow
by Marisa over 3 years ago
Giveaway: The Preservationist Gift Set from MightyNest
by Marisa over 3 years ago

Talk of Tomatoes


Talk of Tomatoes is about making food work for you. The author, Janelle, adores food and all it has to offer. She's always looking for time-saving tricks in the kitchen. This blog has many ideas for weekday meals, dinner parties and recipes ideal for cooking with kids. Also there are ideas for gifts information on the latest tools and gadgets for your kitchen. Fantastic photos of tomatoes!

Dutch Dairy Farming roots… and Farmstr
by Janelle over 4 years ago
Grandma’s Special Salmon Sauce
by Janelle over 4 years ago