Pinch My Salt


This is a bread baker's paradise! The author/owner of this site has a store with the same name, Pinch My Salt, and has lived in Sicily, Italy. She's now back in the States and brings her experiences of cooking in Italy to share them with you. Her photography of her finished dishes is beautiful.

Southwest Macaroni and Cheese
by Nicole over 3 years ago
Sourdough Chocolate Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
by Nicole over 3 years ago

Once Upon A Tart


Love the name of this blog! Myriam, the owner and author of this blog has many great recipes from homemade mayonnaise to a dessert called Marshmallow Bliss that has a very festive look to it. The photos of her creations are beautiful.

Technicolor Kitchen


Patricia Scarpin is the author of Technicolor Kitchen. All the recipes posted here have been prepared, styled and photographed by her. She has a passion for sweet recipes so there are many on this site. The Eggnog ice cream definitely looks yummy!

Buckwheat thumbprints with fig preserves - food that looks pretty
by noreply@blogger.com (Patricia Scarpin) almost 4 years ago
Courgette and feta fritters, a crazy trailer and a versatile young actor
by noreply@blogger.com (Patricia Scarpin) almost 4 years ago

Vanilla Garlic


Garrett McCord is a food writer and pastry chef and loves the sweeter things in life. He's all about the good stuff we eat after the meal... you guessed it, dessert! He is exploring what we eat for dessert, why we eat it and what it shows about us. Dessert may be last, but it is never least.

Cookbook Tour Advice: Rhubarb Scones
by Garrett McCord about 4 years ago
Unknown?: Port Royal Sugar Cookies
by Garrett McCord over 4 years ago

Completely Delicious


Completely Delicious makes drool-worthy, delicious looking desserts. This blog is full of any kind of dessert recipe you could ever ask for.

Pork Chops with Sage-Butter Sauce
by Annalise over 2 years ago
Chocolate Hazelnut Covered Strawberries
by Annalise over 2 years ago



Flourarrangements tells stories in which making food is a centerpiece for life. The author, Suzanne, details her fun explorations while baking fantastic fondant cakes, simple loaves of bread and savory tarts.

Garlic and Rosemary Grissini
by Suzanne Cowden over 2 years ago
Jenga Veggie Tower with Creamy Cilantro Dip
by Suzanne Cowden over 2 years ago

Red Rose Connection


A blog that talks about my home business Red Rose Cakes/Confections that talks about my journey in chocolate. I also share money saving tips, kitchen tricks, recipes, dinners, photos, reviews and more.

The Shortbread Chronicles


The Shortbread Chronicles is a cooking club where Members bake a monthly Challenge recipe and share their results and photos.



This blog is about my passion for baking and trying out new dishes.It is about my adventures in my kitchen which I love to share with my friends.

Beginners Guide To Making The Perfect New York Cheese Cake
by Mukta over 2 years ago
by Mukta over 2 years ago

My Epicurean Meals


I'm a wife and mom, with a passion for baking and cooking. I hope my little blog inspires you to cook balanced meals, and to never deprive yourself of life's sweet indulgences! This blog constantly serves as a motivation to improve my culinary skills and try new things, and most importantly to share my love for food with everyone else! Peak into my kitchen, and join me as I whip up lots of sweet treats and delicious meals!

The Taylor House


I am a stay home mom of two little boys. I love baking, crafting, cleaning and organizing! Sharing these things on my blog is one of my favorite past times.

The Perfect Girls Weekend at Mall of America
by Chrissy over 2 years ago
Corn Chowder
by Alice over 2 years ago

Bombay Chowparty


Bombay ChowParty is a gourmet food blog and outlet that specializes in sharing thoughts, recipes and freshly made international foods with a surprising / quirky / fun twist. If you’re a gastronome looking to explore interesting new foodlands, Bombay Chowparty is absolutely the place for you. The blog is based out of Mumbai and documents most of our feats in the kitchen, with recipes for the successful fare. On the kind of food we make – it ranges from staple to adventurous, savoury to sweet, french classics to sassy remakes.

Beef cutlet for a brown Christmas
by reshmy over 2 years ago
Misal: World’s best vegetarian dish?
by reshmy almost 3 years ago

Skinny Sweets Daily


Skinnysweetsdaily.com for lower fat and calorie dessert, snack and breakfast recipes. Nutritional's and Weight Watchers points listed for every recipe.

Do Hymn An Autumn Sound
by Abdul Wahid over 3 years ago
The X-Files
by Abdul Wahid over 3 years ago

The Vanilla Bean


The Vanilla Bean is a blog about butter, sugar, flour, sprinkles and then some. Inspired by american baking, dreaming of Parisian baking, grown up on Middle Eastern and living in Mumbai, its mostly about cake this and cake that with a few dinner recipes to marry the sweet to savory. Welcome to my happy space!

Bake This Day Our Daily Bread


A medical student and stranger to the apron decides to bake a loaf of bread a day for a year to de-sensitize herself to her own kitchen and to domesticity. Also, it turns out, she discovers that cooking is therapeutic. And beautiful. An affirmation of life.

Lincys Cook Art


You can find here Indian as well as International Cuisine and also Baking.

Savory Bites


Food blog with my experiments with food and my twist to recipes.

Khadija is in the Kitchen: It's baking and cooking time!!


Here are my experiments in the kitchen. And this is my little corner in the World Wide Web where you’ll find many tasty recipes with step by step pictures. These recipes are inspired by recipes from cookbooks, food magazines, websites and blogs. Hope you'll enjoy some of them!!