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Commentary without spin is this blog's motto. Truth matters to this blog and it wants it to matter to its readers.

Blogs for Borders


A blog dedicated to the borders that surround America. Unlike many other blogs on our list, this one discusses everything border control and illegal aliens.

Obamacare Navigator Director Is an Illegal
by Bill Smith over 4 years ago
Texas Spending Millions To Jail Illegal Immigrants
by Bill Smith over 4 years ago

A Time For Choosing


Blogger Gary P Jackson promotes the ideologies of both Ronald Reagan and Sarah Palin. A true Conservative with a Conservatives opinion make this one great blog.

Dean blames Longview voters for $76.8 million debt
by ★ StaceinTexas ★™ over 2 years ago
Get In Line
by Gary P Jackson over 2 years ago

America's Chronicle


The politics and economics of wealth creation - Washington, Wall Street and Global strategies.

TSA Watch


TSA Watch is a grassroots effort to raise and focus public awareness on the growing problem of harrassment, abuse, and theft by TSA agents and how their actions undermine the security of our nation's airports.

RoyClinton.com, The Place for Logic and Commonsense


Commentary and analysis of political, economic, and social issues from an independent non-partisan perspective with an emphasis on solving problems.