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As a former liberal, I must speak out. We're going down a bleak and desolate road, and there cannot be enough voices of sanity, enough clear eyed analysis of our perilous future.

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I look at issues that media stations do not. I am a geopolitical analyst with more than 10 years professional experience.

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We celebrate the culture representing the great North American expanse called flyover country. Stereotypes be damned—our site explores our politics and values, not from the window of a Boeing 787, but from the ground up. Welcome to the rest of America: Our politics, our culture, our points of view.

[MUSIC/VIDEO] Kate Smith and the 4th of July: God Bless America!
by Carole Quattro Levine about 3 years ago
Someday his prince will come: Vox writer disses American independence
by Carole Quattro Levine about 3 years ago

Don't Spread My Wealth


DSMW is a fiscally conservative news, information and commentary site.

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A commentary on current events, politics, society, and how they relate to the Constitution and our current state of affairs. The goal is to provide insightful and compelling commentary to provoke an enlightened conversation about the days events and how they affect our everyday lives. Hope you can join in!

Political Policy


Political Policy was launched on the auspicious date of July 4, 2009. Its mission is to advance traditional conservatism and preserve America’s First Principles. Political Policy animates it's mission principally in a three fold manner. First by evaluating matters of public policy to determine whether they promote or undermine America’s First Principles and its conservative legacy. Second, by holding accountable the views and actions of public officials and those candidates seeking public office to uphold America's First Principles when crafting or enacting public policy. Third, by exposing the nefarious ideological agendas of public officials and candidates seeking public office who oppose America’s founding Principles and its cause of order, justice and freedom.

by noreply@blogger.com (Dennis Gallagher) over 4 years ago
by noreply@blogger.com (Dennis Gallagher) over 4 years ago

Bill Clinton and His Golden Globes


The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has been passing out awards since 1944. This vacuous group of snooty foreigners makes its choices in a narrow, but effective, way. Golden Globes are given to the person/film studio/organization who gives them the most money or the best parties. Golden Globes are put up for sale and awarded to the highest bidder. My goodness, what an honor that must be! Actually, if you want to fill a vacuum with—well—another vacuum, could you really do better than Hollywood, the press and their fawning minions? Hollywood lightweights are frantic to appear relevant in some way. Your average Hollywood entertainment worker isn’t particularly bright, but they do realize they are paid disproportionate to their worth to society. When it comes to what this nation needs you aren’t going to hear many people say that what would really straighten out the mess is another good actor. We need droves of superlative teachers, scientists, economists and, gracious Lord, how we need good politicians, but actors, probably not. I do love movies and every year there are some worthy efforts that make our lives better by dramatically portraying our better angels and worse demons. But when you get to these self-congratulatory awards, let’s face it; we are looking at insecure people willing to pay money for self-affirmation. Add to all of this a strong bias toward the left and an inflated sense of entitlement and you have the Golden Globes. Just when the award show was bubbling over with hubris, the producers decided to toss in a strong chemical presence to show how humble and relevant the participants could be, like adding rennet to the starter bacteria in cheese to get the acidified mixture to curdle. Out walked President Bill Clinton. The men cheered, the women got dewy, and the body rose to their feet as one. Here was their President. Heck, they like this guy more than Obama. He played the sax, played with them, played with drugs and played with Monica. At last, a man who understands Hollywood. I have presented the compelling reasons to discount the Golden Globes, but I think it is high time to break the bubble surrounding the mythic Presidency of William Jefferson Clinton. Let’s look at just a few: Economy: Clinton inherited an improving economy protected by a Republican Congress that guarded taxes and spending. It was his failure to regulate the profligate financial-service markets that led to the housing collapse and financial meltdown of 2007. Foreign Policy: Clinton was so averse to the Democratic prohibition against military action that he dithered away time during genocide in Rwanda and a half million Tutsis’s were savagely murdered. He granted China Most Favored Nation status and gave North Korea concessions on their word that they wouldn’t continue with nuclear weapons. Odds and Ends: Clinton cut NASA’s budget, recognized the dangers of a social security and Medicare system running amok but chose the coward’s way out and didn’t attack either of them. He raised gasoline taxes by 4.3 cents/gallon, which hit the middle class hardest, then proceeded to try to raise taxes on the Democrats’ favorite bad guy, successful people. National Security: Clinton knew about Bin Laden and discounted his importance. He issued orders that the terrorist be captured alive and thus lost both Bin Laden and a chance to kill him—all of this in the midst of the Lewinsky scandal, screwing us as well as a barely legal intern. What is there to like about this Nero who fiddled while Rome burned? Oh, yes, I forgot, it’s Hollywood. Reject style over substance and keep the faith.

Pundit Pete


Satire and a few serious thoughts from the Pundit Pete Press Service. .... Stories We'd Like to See, But Probably Won't Pete and his friends (all named Pete) report on top news stories, provide commentary, and generally make fun of the liberal press. But sometimes the course our country is taking is no longer funny, and some serious commentary is needed. But not too serious. You will also learn about the fun messages posted by the Bridge to Nowhere Tea Party. Enjoy the variety of posts and the ever increasing number of Petes who appear. Conservative/Christian/Tea Party.

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TSA Watch is a grassroots effort to raise and focus public awareness on the growing problem of harrassment, abuse, and theft by TSA agents and how their actions undermine the security of our nation's airports.

The Fiddling Ant


What is the Fiddling Ant? In Aesop's Fable, The Ant and the Grasshopper, the Ant is always hard working while the lazy Grasshopper is fiddling away his time. The Fiddling Ant is about self reliance and tradition values with a dash of fun. Who says an ant can't work and play? In the 21st Century, more and more people are like Aesop's Grasshopper; they are into living for today and for one's self and not with an eye to the needs of the future. The audience for this blog is readers who are conservative, pro-family, self-reliant, frugal, patriotic, and supporters of Christian values. The Fiddling Ant does not suffer fools gladly. The weaknesses and failures of Liberals are revealed in all plainness. The Fiddling Ant often uses satire and parody to highlight the failings of Liberalism. That is the working part of the Fiddling Ant. The Fiddling Ant also enjoys changing the lyrics of popular songs to poke fun and give someone a smile. That is the fiddling part of the Fiddling Ant. Enjoy.

Americans Against Progressives


Dedicated to exposing the overwhelming media bias and growing progressivism in our country amongst our uninformed citizens.

The Conservative Wife


A view from an ordinary Conservative American housewife who hates the direction of this great Nation. A call to all liberals that they are being put on notice and we aren't listening to their BS anymore.

Judge seals file in Somali-Muslim suspect's murder trial
by The Conservative Wife almost 3 years ago
Top Dem: Monitor U.S. citizens, not Muslim 'refugees'
by The Conservative Wife about 3 years ago