The Moderate Separatist


Conservative political opinion and quick wit with a Canadian flavor from pundit Leigh Patrick Sullivan.

Freedom Based Opinions


the two party system of "us against them” serves to only limit the spectrum of debate perspectives of a given topic; FBO was developed to draw attention to shortcomings in the often limited and often Republican controlled perspectives of the Conservative Right. For too long Conservatives have abandoned their voting values in support of the Republican greater good. The time has come to reconnect with our conservative roots.

Confessions of an Oppo Researcher


This blog is devoted to assessing and evaluating vulnerable candidates in upcoming elections. Author is a Political consultant specializing in opposition research for republican candidates at the local, state, and federal level. SuperPAC oppo. "Campaigns that don’t hire oppo researchers do so at their own peril".

Florida man could get life in prison for mosque bacon attack
by Todd Klimson over 2 years ago
Liberal Ideas #1 - The Cancer in the Left
by Todd Klimson over 2 years ago

Conservative Truth and Thought


News and opinion on the 2012 elections, healthcare, and other news that affect Americans from a Conservative point of view.

Conservative Solutions


Conservative Solutions is written by and for young conservatives. It covers politics, 2012 elections, world politics, business and economics, and society and culture. We welcome contributions and comments.

Kitty Cat Chats


Insights to the world, political comments and other humorous ramblings on the world in which we live from the perspective of the one and only conservative feline.

Got balls?
by Mr. Kitty Cat about 4 years ago
What is a synonym for a female dog?
by Mr. Kitty Cat over 4 years ago

America's Chronicle


The politics and economics of wealth creation - Washington, Wall Street and Global strategies.

Stimulus Repeal Act


Tumblr page dedicated to raising awareness for the Stimulus Repeal Act. If passed, it will reverse the Stimulus Act, stabilize our economy, and cut unnecessary spending.

I Pledge My Grievance...


Fiscal conservative; social libertarian; 30 years miltary experience; former college professor; & concerned father. My goal is to only offer thoughts and comments to select daily news items from a perspective outside the Beltway and beyond the scope of our corrupt and immoral mass media market.

Red Slate


Red Slate promotes sensible conservatism - the idea of limited government done right. We feature a variety of mediums, and welcome submissions from our readers for publication!