Ace of Spades HQ


A very detailed blog that is constantly updated. We love Ace of Spades because their work is always top notch.

Top Headline Comments (4-14-2014)
about 4 years ago
Overnight Open Thread (4-13-2014)
about 4 years ago

Conservative Crusader


A site that goes to great depths to give its readers all the information that they need. If you really lean right, then you'll love the column on the right side of the page that lists the top 10 most liberal journalists.

Kids, Guns, and a Shooting Range
almost 4 years ago
Can Average Americans Save America?
almost 4 years ago



If you're upset with Democrats or the President then this is your site. Moonbattery makes it it's mission to expose those on the left.

Open Thread
by Dave Blount almost 4 years ago
Southern Border Isn’t the Only One Undefended
by Dave Blount almost 4 years ago

Liberal Whoppers


Commentary without spin is this blog's motto. Truth matters to this blog and it wants it to matter to its readers.

Blogs for Borders


A blog dedicated to the borders that surround America. Unlike many other blogs on our list, this one discusses everything border control and illegal aliens.

Obamacare Navigator Director Is an Illegal
by Bill Smith over 4 years ago
Texas Spending Millions To Jail Illegal Immigrants
by Bill Smith over 4 years ago

Libertarian Republican


This site is for the most right of the right leaners. Libertarian Republicans discusses stories from the far right, who are more Conservative than the GOP.

Liberty Pundits


A great blog that provokes thought from its readers. This blog has it all and covers a broad list of topics.

Skip MacLure


A blog that loves the Constitution and wants its readers to defend it. This site loves to be Patriotic and blogs from a definite right leaning voice.

The Political Commentator


Conservative opinion, commentary and analysis of the key issues of the day that have the potential to affect our lives! This includes national security, foreign policy, Washington politics and the global economy.

The Republican Party Has Turned Into A Punchline! (Video)
by noreply@blogger.com (Michael Haltman) over 2 years ago
Remember when the boss was the boss?
by noreply@blogger.com (Michael Haltman) over 2 years ago



A celebrated collection of luminaries within the conservative journalism community go after the left here. GOP-centric events are discussed on this page as soon as they break.

A Time For Choosing


Blogger Gary P Jackson promotes the ideologies of both Ronald Reagan and Sarah Palin. A true Conservative with a Conservatives opinion make this one great blog.

Dean blames Longview voters for $76.8 million debt
by ★ StaceinTexas ★™ over 2 years ago
Get In Line
by Gary P Jackson over 2 years ago



This is one of the more unique blogs on our list. Blogger Anne Leary says what she feels, and you'll appreciate her honesty.

The Hollywood Republican


A blog everyone should be able to appreciate. The lone Republican in the land of Hollywood. THR knows no bounds and takes on everyone on the left.

Drudge Report


This was the first blog to release the news on the Monica Lewinsky debacle. Its prestige within the conservative community outpaces its un-stylish web design.

National Review -- The Corner


This blog attracts many of the conservative side's brightest and smartest minds for its posts. Right-wing minded readers can arm themselves with the multifaceted arguments here.

Topic A
by Jay Nordlinger about 4 years ago
Krauthammer’s Take: 7.1 Million Enrollees a ‘Phony Number’
by Alec Torres about 4 years ago

The Next Right


The writers of this site are looking to help a burgeoning population of Republicans to prosper. Conservatives' outreach to minorities, for instance, has been a recent feature.