Red State


The politically vehement whose loudspeaker aims toward the right voice their concerns here. The page also looks to aggressively attack the goings-on of the left.

Sen. Mark Pryor (D) flirts with DOOM in Arkansas Senate race.
by Moe Lane (Diary) over 4 years ago
Hold the Page
by Erick Erickson (Diary) over 4 years ago

Hot Air


As the video blog community tipped decisively toward liberals, this blog came to be in order to lend political diversity to the vlog community. Sarah Palin peppers everything here.

Scarborough: Trump’s comments on Duke are disqualifying
by Ed Morrissey over 2 years ago
Trump, Sessions, Sasse and two Corinthians walk into a bar…
by Jazz Shaw over 2 years ago

The Other McCain


Robert Stacy McCain and his sidekick Smitty take on the liberals, and they don't hold back any punches. McCain started this blog after he worked as a writer and editor with the Washington Times.

Rule 5 Sunday: Disney Girls
by Wombat-socho over 2 years ago
The GOPe Fatwah Against @TedCruz Has Me Hoping For A Dewhurst On Tuesday
by smitty over 2 years ago

And Sometimes Tea


Erin is a proud conservative Catholic that makes no apologies about herself. She writes about her opinions on current affairs and family based on Catholic principles.

Giving the pope the benefit of the doubt
by Red Cardigan over 2 years ago
About that Doritos commercial...
by Red Cardigan over 2 years ago

According to Nikki


A blog written from a females perspective who isn't afraid to show her love for "Fox News." Blogger Nikki takes aim and pokes fun at political issues and American culture.

Black & Right


Bob Parks is a renowned Conservative journalist and a prominent Republican figure. He brings his insight to this blog about being an African American who's a Republican.

Bonehead Of The Day
by Black & Right about 4 years ago
Dem Racist Of The Day
by Black & Right about 4 years ago

Kenneth Durden...free man, thinking freely


A blogger driven by Faith, Kenneth Durden weighs in on political issues. He believes in freedom for all and that our rights come from our Creator, not the government.

Racist Clippers Owner Helps Dispel Common Myths
by Kenneth about 4 years ago
Not your jesus
by Kenneth about 4 years ago

Another Black Conservative


We love this blog because this blogger loves America! A black conservative who's not afraid to share his thoughts, this is a great blog where the blogger ties in culture with politics.

US 4 Palin


If you love Governor Palin, then you'll love this blog. It's dedicated entirely to Sarah Palin, from tracking her every move to predicting and projecting her chances in 2012.

Sarah Palin Hot on the Impeachment Trail
by Ron Devito about 4 years ago
Impeachable Offenses – President Obama not King Obama
by Ron Devito about 4 years ago

Stop The ACLU


Stop the ACLU is a blog that aims to uncover corruption and dishonesty within the ACLU. This blog uses the same tactics as the ACLU to help stop the ACLU.

Ann Coulter


Ann Coulter is a one of a kind outspoken Conservative who's not afraid to take on anyone from the left. If you lean right, you'll love what Ann has to say.

A Conservative Teacher


A unique blog where the blogger gives insight on what it's like to be a conservative public high school teacher. This is a great blog for anyone who wants to know more about being a right leaning teacher.

Info Obyek Wisata Murah Indonesia dan Penginapan serta Hotel Murah
by anissariskaa over 3 years ago
Postingan 22 September 2014
by anissariskaa almost 4 years ago



A blog that discusses serious political issues but doesn't take itself too serious at the same time. If you want to learn more about Conservative politics, then don't miss JammieWearingFool.

Atlas Shrugs


Pamela Geller prides herself on featuring stories you won't see on the mainstream media. What we love most about this blog is that it doesn't just wait to discuss stories but it is also known for breaking them as well.

Right Wing News


A comprehensive site that has everything any avid Conservative could possibly be looking for. This is a great site that's a cross between a news site and a wonderful blog.

Keith Urban Issues Tragic News… Please Pray
by Sela T over 2 years ago
Clint Eastwood Drops BOMBSHELL on Liberal Hollywood Idiots Amid the Oscars
by Sela T over 2 years ago

NewsReal Blog


A great blog that just can't resist to poke fun at the left. NewsReal Blog is the site to be for any right leaner.