The Kicker


Columbia University's Journalism Review packs a punch when it comes to fine writing in journalism. Students would be smart to subscribe to the site and read its posts regularly.

Blogging Basics 101


Build your blogging career with the help of Melanie Nelson, a professional blogger and social media consultant who has been a technology contributing editor and trainer for BlogHer.Get the blogging basics and fun stuff, too.

7 Ways to Be More Creative
by bloggingbasics101@gmail.com (Melanie @ Blogging Basics 101) over 2 years ago
6 Steps to Being a More Productive Blogger
by bloggingbasics101@gmail.com (Melanie @ Blogging Basics 101) over 2 years ago

Stephen Gates Blog: Digital + Online Design, Advertising and Branding Blog


A name like Stephen Gates is definitely going to demand attention. With a ton of awards and credentials to back up his impressive name, this interactive creative director has some pretty helpful and up-front tips about branding, design, advertising, and marketing. Any blogger's ears should perk up.

Weekly Inspirations: February 26th, 2016
by Stephen Gates about 2 years ago
Weekly Inspirations: February 19th, 2016
by Stephen Gates over 2 years ago

Communication Overtones


Blogger Kami is an author, as well as a partner and co-founder of Zoetica Media. She offers some great insight into the business world where proper communication and dialogue can make all the difference in the world.

Why You Need a Powerful, Engaged Twitter Account
by Kristi Reddell over 2 years ago
Navigating the Changing Online Landscape for Communicators
by Kami Huyse over 2 years ago

A Shel of my Former Self


Blogger Shel Holtz has worked in corporate communications since the mid-70's. He is a consultant, speaker, and trainer, as well as the author of "Public Relations on the Net." This blog was named one of the 10 to PR blogs of 2012 by Cision.

Friday Wrap #101: Threat to net neutrality, Target gets transparent, wait for the weekend, and more
about 4 years ago
Six MORE reasons you don’t need to worry about “content shock”
about 4 years ago

I Believe in Advertising


The best advertisement campaigns appear here to be idolized and envied. Each post mentions the ad agency from which it came, for readers to conduct additional research.

Homestead India Real Estate: Recycle E-Waste
almost 4 years ago
Uzay Furniture Polish: New
almost 4 years ago

Spin Sucks


Spin Sucks is a blog meant to help show that PR professionals can be (and are) ethical in their jobs. They do this through covering issues and news on marketing, public relations, communication, social media, advertising, and much more.

DOE to spend $7 million on North Alaska solar power, where it’s dark 24/7 all winter
by Abigale Sherman over 2 years ago
Pakistan’s parliament becomes 100% solar powered
by Abigale Sherman over 2 years ago

Dave Fleet


Dave enjoys studying the relationship between social media, communications, and public relations. His passion for these three is easily passed on to readers.

Marketing, community, support or all of the above?
by Dave Fleet about 4 years ago
How Lean In got me thinking
by Dave Fleet over 4 years ago

Ad Pulp


Ad Pulp comes from the minds of three writers who want to improve communications and make the industry even better, as well. It's a really interesting site that covers a wide range of communications-based topics.

How to Scrub Your Online Reputation, Without Looking Like a Jerk
by Marcus Anderson over 2 years ago
How To Improve Your Small Retail Business’s Cash Flow
by Marcus Anderson over 2 years ago

Coaching Tip: The Leadership Blog


We liked John Agno's blog because he speaks freely and truthfully concerning the various changes in the economy and among leaders. He offers a lot of great information about effective leadership skills as well as useful tips that managers can use to help them right now. In addition, he writes about communication in the work environment and how employees need to feel apart of decisions that directly effect them.

Thinking Strategically
by John Agno about 4 years ago
A Reference Guide to Build Leadership Skills
by John Agno about 4 years ago

Musings of a PR Student


Public relations actively employs the nuances of discourse and connection that are underscored by communications to the end of bringing together two parties with mutual benefits. Comm students and PR pupils alike will bookmark blogger Mike's superbly organized blog page within reading their second post. Studying in the field for his second year, Mike's ability to coordinate a counsel column, a podcast, and ruminations on PR, politics, and student living belies his years.

Barbara Leung


Cosmopolitan, unimaginably chic, a future world-shaker: any and all of these terms can be applied to Barbara in generous helpings. Barb's life has found her jetting around the world and soaking up its cultures. She hails from Toronto, studying communications at NYU, and double majors in French to boot. Her blog demonstrates the flexibility and empowerment that result from comm studies. Her blossoming fashion career, based in Paris, more than attests to this.

Breaking Down The Issues with “The Mikado”
by Barb over 2 years ago
The Last 7 Days
by Barb about 3 years ago

Social Rant


Communications majors, just like most college students, understand the importance of internships and similar experiences that take place outside of the classroom, but that could have an equally meaningful impact on your professional future. Blogger Janet has completed six such internships during her comm major. Her blog covers the victories and woes of those affairs, as well as detailing her stint as a waitress, and the important role social media has played in furthering her career.

Media Psychology Blog


Turn here for an interesting analysis of where psychology and the media intersect. Students who are into the mindset of reality TV and the like will thoroughly approve.

Price Pfister Kitchen Faucets
by mustafaucets about 2 years ago
Waste King H710-U-SN Coronado Hot Water Faucet with Tank, Satin Nickel
by mustafaucets over 2 years ago

Media Law and Freedom of Expression Blog


This blog is sponsored by the International Bar Association’s Media Law and Freedom of Expression site. The blog features weekly roundups highlighting threats to Free Speech and Freedom of Expression from around the world.

According to Emily Zager


Emily recently completed her studies in advertising and PR and writes with refreshing insight on the media industry. Comm majors can relate to her struggles and savvy.

Scary World of Business


Carli, a British student of communications and marketing, shows understandable trepidation of the biz world. Yet her studies provide her the chutzpah to take it on.

PR and Comms @ Leeds Met


Students in public relations and communications write about college life at Leeds University in England. American students will be touched by the openness here.

Back with a bang
by PR@leedsmet over 4 years ago
Amazing Grace
by PR@leedsmet over 4 years ago

Minnesota Student PR Blog


Public relations and communications major in Minnesota type away the cold by chronicling thoughts on their fields of study here. Push-up bras and Facebook have made for exciting recent posts.

Blurred Lines
by Ryan May over 4 years ago
Honest PR = Effective PR
by Ryan May over 4 years ago

ICT for Peacebuilding


The blog describes itself as a site meant for exploring the use of information and communications as it pertains to conflict resolution. Basically, it is a blog spot dedicated to both technology and how it can affect (for the better) conflicts around the world.

Operationalizing Peace Operations Reform
by Sanjana about 2 years ago
Technology and Public Participation – What’s New?
by Sanjana over 2 years ago