The women bloggers of this site reject any sort of formal categorization of their existences and write simply about the freedom of being themselves.

Christian Nymphos


This blog exemplifies the wanton longings of even the most button-up and tight-laced lovers of the Lord.

Black Women in Europe


From Josephine Baker to Lena Horne, Black women of legend have been taking Europe by storm; click here for news on the latest African-American ladies on the continent.

Vienna Meet Up
by B.W.I.E (™) almost 4 years ago
aMASE: advancing Migrant Access to health Services in Europe
by B.W.I.E (™) about 4 years ago

We Are The Real Deal


This blog functions as a place where "women of all shapes, sizes, colors, lifestyles, opinions, and beliefs on can come together to talk." It's more lively forum than love-in, though.

You’re so beautiful, but…
by MamaV about 4 years ago
Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Plate
by iaedp about 4 years ago

Women's Glib


Oftentimes, the feminist movement is criticized for being too harsh and rampaging. Blogs like these support "feminism with ease."

Feminist Philosophers


It's important for every woman to be well-versed in the rich literature and rhetoric of generations past. This blog offers news that new "feminist philosophers can use."

Very simple demonstration…
by Jender over 2 years ago
Firing Melissa Click was messed up, and you don’t have to like what she did to think so.
by philodaria over 2 years ago

My Fault, I'm Female


"Do you sometimes feel that it's your fault you were born female?" Visit this site and voice your concerns about unreasonable treatment here.



Where feminism and imagination combine, wondrous results can surface. This blog shows that women who dream have amazing power.

Sexism in the Gaming World
by Ellen Keim over 2 years ago
Call Me What I Tell You to Call Me
by Ellen Keim about 3 years ago

Lip Magazine


Lip Magazine is an online and print mag with a strong feminist stance, aimed at young women. We cover all topics, from dating and fashion to politics and women's issues. Whatever you do, whatever you see, at Lip we only ask one thing - think about it.

comedy review: supergirly
by lip magazine about 4 years ago
the bookshelf diaries: lou heinrich
by lip magazine about 4 years ago

Female Stratum


Herein you will find anything that pertains to or of interest to women of all ages- topics about beauty and style, health, food, travel, relationships, relevant issues and product reviews.

Chant3llo's Blog


A blog about various things....reviews, giveaways, crafts, pets, living, life and more.

Fab Housewife


Fab Housewife is a Lifestyle blog on Food, Fashion, Style, DIY, Home Making, Decor, Beauty, and Inspiration for the modern woman. At the "Fab Housewife we're all about staying you, even after saying "I do"! We write about all things bridal, and post-bridal.

My Maternity Photos
by fabhousewife over 3 years ago
Ahoy, It’s a Boy Baby Shower
by fabhousewife over 3 years ago

Redefined Juliet


Promoting value, respect, equality, conversation, and Love among and for women and girls around the world.

An Old Metaphor
by Missy over 3 years ago
An Old Metaphor
by Missy over 3 years ago

Reasons to Procrastinate


My blog features fashion, writing, music, photography, book reviews, and weekly thoughts. Like many fellow high school students, I am extremely talented in the art of wasting time, so I document all my interesting, confusing, and downright ridiculous reasons to procrastinate.

Generation Cake


A look at ecology, education, fashion, crafts, food, vegan cooking, parenthood, and the functionality of being part of an unlabeled generation, Generation Cake is the blog about having your fabulous cake and bloody well eating it too.

For Her By Her


A dose of entertainment, laughter and inspiration for today's witty and ambitious woman. Careers, entrepreneurship, relationships and more from HER perspective.