Thought Balloonists


"Reviews and critical dialogue about comics," from two knowledgeable commentators on the genre.

Comics Comics


This was by far one of our favorite blogs; it lends acclaimed coverage and thoughts to comics, elevating the genre to a high level of respect.



It's this site's primary aim to "amuse you with the latest technology, internet, and gadget news via picture illustration."

Just Funny at Cartoon Barry


Cartoonist Barry Schwartz has a gifted mind for the funny and the clever, so it's a pleasure that he's decided to blog about his experiences on the drawing board.

Awkward Feeling Of Waiting For Your Car At The Car Wash
about 4 years ago
New Record: 19,957 Emails In 27 Days
over 4 years ago

The Comics Curmudgeon


Keeping alive his goal of "making the funnies funnier since 2004," Josh's recent Christmas comic strips really got us howling.

Rex looks like he’s already trying to back silently away
by Josh over 2 years ago
Sunday quickies
by Josh over 2 years ago



A gaggle of supremely talented Canadian artists flaunts their sumptuous work here. They even know how to make barcodes look sleek and sensual.



This blog brings a pulp-lit, Technicolor finish to the illustration and animation blog community. Super quirky comics endear readers here with their off-kilter feel.

Blobby Boys Cartoon
by Chris about 4 years ago
Kouhei Ashino Art
by Chris about 4 years ago

Illustration Underground


Two industry professionals engage in this weekly podcast to gab about what's hot in the worlds of comics and illustration. Listening often provides regular auditory inspiration for your work.

Creative Devolution


I write. And draw. And paint. And hang tubas on my walls. And move around. A lot. Also, my esophagus hurts when I button my pants. So I don't. Ever. See for yourself.

My life is a comics strip


Megalomania, self promotion, punk-rock, planes, vegetarianism and bullshits.

New Comic Fan Along with Life


Talk on life in general. Along with reviews on comics, manga, anime,and other entertainment topics.

Dragomir's Diary


Dragomir's just a poor little guard with too many problems and not enough motivation. Follow his daily escapades in this fantasy serial that blends comic strippery and fine writing with jokes best left on the urinal wall.

Be Well To Each Other
by SLTE over 2 years ago
Et Ascendit In Caelum, Finale
by SLTE over 2 years ago

I'd like cheese on my entire family!


I'd like cheese on my entire family! aka da Cheeseblarg is an illustrated humor blarg written and illustrated by JRose, who is a total nerd pants. There are narwhals, and llamas, and lots of interactive activities.

Dead, dead, deadski.
by Jodee Rose over 2 years ago
Dead, dead, deadski.
by Jodee Rose over 2 years ago

Musings Inspired by Losing


Daily comics about a female loser and her quest for world domination...wearing pyjamas...dancing with a rabbit.

Can't Keep Up With The Joneses


Can’t keep up with the Joneses is a comic strip created by Sherilyn Jones and was produced by her company The Concept Media Group, LLC under the subsidiary J Cartooning. It chronicles the life of an African American group of siblings in a world of hip hop, trends, and hilarious family situations. Common themes in the strip include occurrences an average family would experience, the tremendous jokes and pranks the characters display towards one another, and the overall message of being an original person. The comics primary focus is essentially on the interactions of the siblings as a group as well as individually.

#ckuwtjBlueCity – Football Series
by Sherilyn almost 4 years ago
Check Us Out
by Sherilyn almost 4 years ago

Evil News Daily


EvilNewsDaily.com is run by The Selective Society Of Super Villains and is edited by the infamous Nefarious Mustache(!). Melting your brain with our evil blogticles is our main goal. If you are entertained while your brain is melting...fine.

Hard Hobbit to Break


Hard Hobbit to Break is updated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Watch as a trio of characters from the magical land of Lotro try to survive in our modern world!

The 10 Most Popular Star Wars Actors (According to Twitter)
by spamwise over 4 years ago
Yes. I’ve missed some resolutions and comics BUT…
by spamwise over 4 years ago

HappySmart by Shawn Siegel


Funny illustrations, visual puns, and social satire by Shawn Siegel.

Books for Kids


I review and promote children's books, e-books, and book apps. Anything from board books through Middle Grade novels.

My Right to Bitch


My Right to Bitch is my own personal comedic syringe filled with wit and cynicism – mixed with a dash of charm – that I inject straight into the ass-cheek of the blogosphere every week. It’s a virtual vaccine for fighting diseases like complacency and ignorance. MRTB is a series of rants and gripes, packed full of fast-paced humor and hilarious one-liners. It’s me poking fun at anything from pop-culture to minor daily-happenings that have traveled under my skin. Think of it as a blend of constructive criticism and genuine concern for how I view trends, culture, and popular opinions. I welcome anyone and everyone to my following. After all, everyone has a bitch about something. I'll never put someone down based on their views. I welcome all opinions. So, with all that aside I invite you to step inside and troll around. Once you pass the gate, you're officially a Bitcher. Exercise your Right... –Happy Blogging MRTB

The Dao of Dragon Ball Blog


The Dao of Dragon Ball reveals the truth about the Dragon Ball series and shows you the deeper meaning of the most successful anime and manga ever made. Founded in 2007 after the author engaged in Buddhism, Daoism, martial arts, and Chinese culture, The Dao of Dragon Ball’s purpose is to show you the inner secrets of the series that forever changed the world.

What Genre is Dragon Ball?
by Derek Padula over 2 years ago
Tori-bot Appears in Blue Dragon
by Derek Padula over 2 years ago

Darling Chick Reads


Darling Chick Reads is a book review blog offering reviews, interviews, guest posts, giveaways, and more! All with a Christian view!

You Know Funny


Two brothers with big imaginations. We have a big comics section of original work and a section that has funny advice, some movie reviews, and humorous stories.

giosdesk, comics adventures and everyday life


Artist, Illustrator, Komik Artist and Father of two. giosdesk, blog about pop culture, motivations and comics etc. Featuring Lakan at Makisig Webcomics