The EECS Perimental Blog


MIT's grad student blog has about eleven contributors, with new posts every week or so. Subject matter ranges from how technology could streamline reviewing papers, to personal thoughts about family.

Zero Intelligence Agents


An NYU political science PhD candidate chronicles his thoughts on terrorism and more here. Peer into the brain of a blossoming genius on this site.

Library Student Journal


Students earning degrees in library science catalog remarkable thoughts on books and their world here. Interviews with leaders in the field appear regularly.

Advertising and Communication Spring '11 Blog Posts


An advertising and comm class held in the spring invites students to blog as they learn. The pupils are whizzes at locating modern examples of what they study.

Comm Blog from Penn State


Penn State students pen well-crafted posts about the art of communication here. Coverage of local campus events also pops up here regularly.

Hillpost Sports Editor


A comm major writes about her school's sports exploits here. Her sharp writing style poises her to be a promising athletics journalist.

RSU Radio


Two comm majors collaborate to discuss the nature of radio at their university. Their wacky tone is surprisingly infectious.

Bryant University: Student Blogs


Bryant U's comm majors provide insight into the school's course of study. The students, from various states, also have myriad academic focuses and expertises.

Flat Tupper N3 Eddition
by Aaron Pereira about 4 years ago
Flat Tupper Runs on Dunkins!
by Madison Lichtmann about 4 years ago

Rogers State University


Current students in RSU's comm program post thoughtful analyses of the major here. Anyone considering comm, at any university, will appreciate the resource of their candor.

The Kohawk in Me


A comm major at a small liberal arts college blogs about studying the field on a petite campus. He also offers well-rendered writing samples and 13 salient experiences.

The disparity of vulnerability in the NFL
by nludwig over 4 years ago

David Prosper


A comm major in the class of 2013 is in love with his major and makes it known, post by post. He writes prolifically yet ladles each post with care and detail.

Penn State Beaver


An assemblage of upstanding comm majors at Penn State write for this student blog. Their experiences abroad and as interns gives their writing flavor and substance.

Reaching Lifelong Goals as a Nontraditional Student


Mike Dicianna is truly an inspiration to nontraditional students everywhere. He is 54 years old and completing his bachelor's degree after working in the real world for 35 years. Truly an inspiration to walk with him on his journey. Good luck Mike!!

Rob's Learning Blog


Rob blogs about his steps to earning his degree as an adult learner. He makes entries to keep a log of his venture, which is quite encouraging. Good luck Rob!

Illustration Friday post - 'Vanity'
by Rob about 4 years ago
Illustration Friday post - 'Natural'..
by Rob about 4 years ago

Economics A Levels


This blog contains all the revision notes on edexcel economics a levels.unit1 unit 2 unit 3 and unit 4