The "Buzz" Coin Blog with Dave Harper


David Harper keeps a focused eye on the business end of coin collecting. He keeps tabs on the price of metals, U.S. Mint releases, and other areas of interest in the mainstream numismatist community.

Extra day, extra blog
by Dave Harper about 2 years ago
Will “Hot Lips” error discoveries boost Roosevelt dime collecting?
by Dave Harper about 2 years ago

Coin Collectors Blog


Coin Collectors Blog explores news from the U.S. Mint, history, current events, and other points of interest for coin collectors. The margins also contain trackers for the prices of precious metals.

It escaped from Canada!
by scott about 2 years ago
Is the $100 bill the next to go?
by scott about 2 years ago

J&T LLC Blog


With articles from several contributors spanning a broad range of topics, J&T LLC's blog offers an authoritative voice concerning the coin collecting market. J&T covers coins minted domestically and abroad.

Mint News Blog


Focusing on the United States Mint and its products, Mint News Blog provides an ample resource for collectors focusing on American coins. Mint News Blog offers plenty of hard data on circulation and output.

2016 Betty Ford First Spouse Gold Coin Images
by Mint News Blog about 2 years ago
2016 Shawnee 5 oz. Silver Uncirculated Coin (Updated)
by Mint News Blog about 2 years ago

Gold and Silver Blog


Covering another aspect of importance to coin collectors, Gold and Silver Blog keeps an eye on the metals markets. We found Gold and Silver Blog provided good coverage of the forces driving the worth of precious metals and the impact on the value of the coins in a collector's possession.

American Gold Eagle Bullion Coin Sales Up Sharply in March
by admin about 3 years ago
American Eagle Silver Bullion Coin Sales Drop Sharply from Previous Month and Year
by admin about 3 years ago

Metal Detector for Coin Collecting


Metal Detector for Coin Collecting follows Larry Smith as he uses his metal detector to discover rare coins and other treasures. Some posts also provide advice for those interested in selling their finds.

Beautiful World Coins


Beautiful World Coins keeps up-to-date on special issue coins from around the world. Many of these artistically crafted coins are commemorative. Each coin's post also includes such information as metal composition, face worth, and mintage.

Capital Treasures


Capital Treasures, while inclusive of other collectibles, has a strong showcase of posts devoted to numismatic interests. We were also enjoyed Capital Treasures' inclusion of the artful usages people have found for coins.

Make a Fascinating Hobby of Gold and Collectable Coins


Created by a long-time numismatist, this blog provides extensive information relating to many aspects of collecting coins. The topics covered include specialization, coins from different eras, and news from the field.

Recently Sold by DWN: A Choice PCGS AU53 1855-D $1.00
by Doug Winter over 3 years ago
A Fresh 1864-S Half Eagle
by Doug Winter over 3 years ago

Ancient Coins


Driven by a passion for the coins of the distant past, this blog pays close attention to the issues surrounding the collection and selling of ancient coins. The articles are well thought-out and offer a glimpse into how the policies and opinions arising from fields seemingly outside a numismatist's can still affect coin collecting.

by Dave Welsh over 2 years ago
Illiterate Detectorists among the Great Unwashed
by Dave Welsh over 2 years ago

Coin Collecting (and other Numismatic Interests)


Operating since 2006, Coin Collecting provides information for avid collectors. This blog's knowledgeable commentary makes for a good read. There are also posts which spotlight a certain coin, providing its history and other statistics.

Chinese Coin News


For those enthusiastic about coins from Asian countries, Chinese Coin News bases its articles on the special coins produced by China's mint. Most of these coins celebrate an animal in the Zodiac. A few also have collecting ancient Chinese coins for their subject.

Hot tubs help to relieve the pain
by Erich Segal about 2 years ago
Opportunities for madden mobile hack developers
by Erich Segal about 2 years ago

Ancient Coin Cleaning and Restoration


Since 2007, Ancient Coin Cleaning and Restoration has provided tips on how to collect, clean, and photograph coins for optimal presentation. Methods range from the ordinary to the unorthodox.

Australian Coin Collecting Blog


For those interested in coins from down under, this blog follows the mintage of Australia. The collection of posts looks at modern and older coins along with error coins and even some foreign coins as well.

Victoria Cross $10 Coin Ballot Success
by harrisk almost 4 years ago
Value of Australian 50 Cent Coins 2014
by Mark Nemtsas almost 4 years ago

Mike Fuljenz's Blog


Begun in August 2010, Mike Fuljenz's Blog watches the trends in the fields of precious metals and numismatics. Every couple of months, Fuljenz provides commentaries relating to the metals markets

Coin Blogger


Coin Blogger has provided tips and information and other resources since 2008. The wide scope of the blog makes it accessible to beginning and seasoned numismatists alike.

Coins of British India (1857-1947)


Though last updated in 2007, Coins of British India provides an engaging history of coins minted during the time when India was a colony of the British Empire. The site also holds a glossary of terms, which can be useful during other numismatic investigations.

Baby Boomer Pocket Change


Helping to answer some of the basic questions which other sites may take for granted, Baby Boomer Pocket Change is a good starting point for a budding numismatist. The site explains terminology and other aspects of the hobby of coin collecting

The Coinologist


Created by a member of the American Numismatic Association, beyond the interest in coins, this blog also has an interest in finding old safes. Other interesting posts cover the many locations where money is or has been made and the history behind these places.

Buying // Selling // Trading
by Robert L. Wilson over 2 years ago
Sell Your Treasures Today!
by Robert L. Wilson over 2 years ago

Tales of a Lifelong Coin Collector


Frequently updated starting in 2006, Tales of a Lifelong Coin Collector follows the happenings in the coin world as experienced by the blogger. Its writing is enjoyable and expresses passion with levity.

by Les almost 3 years ago
Quiet start
by Les about 3 years ago

World Coin News


World Coin News watches the releases of the new coins which enter circulation throughout the world. Many of the coins commemorate people or events pertaining to that nation's history. Background is also provided.

Morocco 250 dirhams 2015 - 40th Anniversary of the Green March
by noreply@blogger.com (David Rivera) about 2 years ago
Morocco 250 dirhams 2015 - 60th Anniversary of the Independence
by noreply@blogger.com (David Rivera) about 2 years ago

Coin Supply Express Blog


Coin Supply Express Blog provides some basic information on beginning your own coin collection. We also found some great information regarding interesting coins on this site.

Stamps 101: The History of Stamps
by Coin Supply Express almost 4 years ago
Coin Storage Options For New and Veteran Collectors
by Coin Supply Express almost 4 years ago

Happy Coin Collector


A coin collectors blog with coin news, opinion and coin collecting advice.