About Coffee and Tea


This site does have a balance of coverage to both tea and coffee. However, the prolific nature of the blog ensures that tea buffs can read quite a bit.

Serving Tea in Germany
almost 4 years ago
Tea Ceremony Defined
almost 4 years ago

Ultimate Coffees Info's Coffee Blog


This blog has articles, reviews, and guides on various coffees, as well as other products such as coffeemakers, grinders, roasters, pods, carafes, mugs, and cups.

Mar 5, Dunkin Donuts Coffee Creamer
about 4 years ago
Feb 12, Contribute to Coffee Information
about 4 years ago

Coffee Kids Blog


Part of the Coffee Kids website, this section has stories that focus on the perspective of “origin,” the farmers who produce beans for coffee companies from countries around the world. Coffee Kids is dedicated to raising funds and giving aid to farming families of these coffee beans.

When the going gets tough, microcredit eases the pain
by kristina.morris about 4 years ago
Getting ahead, poco a poco: Microcredit in Guatemala
by kristina.morris about 4 years ago



Two bloggers, both SCAA(Specialty Coffee Association of America) members, give their reviews of coffees from cafes in other parts of the world, such as Thailand, Guatemala, El Salvador, Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

A Sweet Maria's Wee Blog


Owned by Sweet Maria's Coffee, this coffee blog has posts about its parent home roasting business's newest coffees and other related topics. Additionally, Sweet Maria's Coffee's website has a massive list of their various green coffees and coffee accessories, as well as a “Coffee Library,” a “Coffee Glossary,” and a “Home Roasting Basics” section.

Costa Rica Helsar - Magdalena Vega
almost 4 years ago
Tanzania Shah Plantation AA
almost 4 years ago

Antwerp Barista


This blog website provides articles detailing coffee news, events, and happenings in Antwerp, Belgium. The blogs were written by Rob Berghmans, owner of the Caffenation coffee company in the aforementioned location.

The Coffee Beaners


A mother and her son, both of Mexican descent, provide reviews on different coffees and pastries in shops and cafes in New York. The mother, Rebeca, rates the coffee, and her 5-year old son, Diego-Max, rates the cupcakes, cookies, and other goodies.

Portland Coffeehouse Journal


This website provides detailed info and reviews on various coffeehouses in or opening in Portland, Oregon.

Gourmet Ground Coffee Blog


There are various articles on coffee cafes and coffee analyses on this site. Golden Roast Coffee, the owner of the blog, provides a wonderful online delivery service with various coffees and reveals how they store and make their coffee.

Mile High Buzz.com


This blog site has coffee articles on the newest shops in Denver. There is also an interactive coffeehouse map revealing the locations of Denver's best coffee cafes and a big list to help coffee surfers find the best coffee places in Denver, as well as other cities in Colorado and beyond.

Putting Weird Things in Coffee


The blog's title says it all. These include descriptions of various foods and objects to put in coffee which most people wouldn't think of doing, although some may have a curiosity or guilty pleasure of seeing the results...or trying the coffees themselves.

by Phronk over 2 years ago
Yogurt and Salt in Coffee
by Phronk about 3 years ago

Arizona Coffee


Dedicated to Phoenix and the state of Arizona, this site focuses on the best places to get coffee and the grand openings of new coffee shops. There is also a nice list of coffee bars, roasters, and job openings.

Winning Latte Art
by Chris Tingom almost 4 years ago
Lost Dutchman Coffee in Mesa
by Chris Tingom almost 4 years ago

Texas Coffee People


The main concern of the bloggers of this website is the gathering of the specialty coffee community in Texas to express their concerns, as opposed to the Lone Star State being seen by most outsiders as a “coffee wasteland.”



This is a mail-order coffee company that distributes products to its clients to their doors every month under 3 or 6 month subscriptions through its Coffee Club promotion. It also provides blogs regarding insights on coffee and other related topics.



The blogger, Mike White, provides links and opinions to articles on various topics such as competition, fair trade certification, other coffee bloggers, and his aspects on coffee.

Manager – Toby’s Estate Vanderbilt
by @tobysbrooklyn over 2 years ago
Barista/Counter Staff
by Cafe Jax NYC over 2 years ago

Coffee Quality Strategies


The blogger, Andrew Hetzel, has written articles that focus mostly on the business side of the coffee industry. He also gives solutions and suggestions to increase business sales or, at least, make better coffee.

First Michigan Coffee Q Grader Course Announced
by andrew over 2 years ago
Latte Art Increases Coffee Value: Study
by andrew over 2 years ago

Daily Shot of Coffee


This website has blogs for the average joe. The blogger also presents and exposes joes to various coffees they probably never knew existed.



This is a video blog covering coffee-related topics such as “how-to” lessons on making coffee and using coffee accessories and home brewing tips.

National Coffee Day Deals 2015
by Nate over 2 years ago
Old Coffee at the Office: Drink It or Dump It?
by Brittany Goodwin over 2 years ago

Okanagan Coffee Blog


This site has articles on the best cafes in the Okanagan, which is located in the Canadian province of British Columbia. There is also a section that provides tips on home brewing for those who don't have access to a local cafe.

by okanagancoffee almost 4 years ago
by okanagancoffee almost 4 years ago

The Coffee Collective


Located in Copenhagen, Denmark, this roastery/coffee shop provides blogs of its exploits to create dialogues with people interested in or working with coffee. The bloggers of this site believe there are “three links” in the coffee chain behind a really good cup of joe: the farmer, the roast master, and the barista.



This site, which is the official blog for Barista Magazine, gives updates of coffee events from around the globe, including live web feeds. The blog, as well as Barista Magazine itself, caters mainly to the professional barista community.

Back to School: The Third DC Campus Is In 2 Weeks!
by Sarah about 4 years ago
Let’s Play Barista Magazine’s Humpday Giveaway! #55 (March 26, 2014 Edition)
by baristamagazine about 4 years ago



This website allows consumers and folks of the coffee and espresso community to share their thoughts through writing, reading, and debating the finer aspects of coffee.

Vetrano 2B, William Hamilton
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Cuisinart Supreme Grind Grinder, Leonidas Georgio
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