Mrs. Wood's Kindergarten Class


Catherine Wood's blog is filled with interactive games and exercises, actual student drawings and assignments, and slideshows to document things like memorable field trips. Mainly, she summarizes all the great activities she and her students take on on a day-to-day basis. Prior to teaching full time, Mrs. Wood served as a substitute teacher for five years and that's where she discovered her love for teaching young kids.

Lil' Country Kindergarten


Marlana created this blog as a compilation of lesson plans, ideas and printables "that will make teaching easier and more meaningful." This really is a helpful blog for teachers, as well as parents who'd like to spend some of their leisure time teaching their kids themselves. You'll find tips, links, book recommendations among many other valuable resources right here in this blog.

Kindergarten Works


A great blog focusing mainly on how to better your own classroom atmosphere as an education professional. With advice on how to organize guided reading, guided math to incorporating poetry into your shared reading and phonics, this blog has it all for those in search of a great resource on how to improve their own teaching skills.

16 Phonics Videos for Kindergarten
by Leslie @KindergartenWorks over 2 years ago
The Teacher’s Guide to a Quick After School Checklist
by Leslie @KindergartenWorks over 2 years ago

The Alphabet Garden


There are a lot of average teachers out there, just working for a paycheck. Mrs. Hicks is definitely not one of them. She constantly challenges herself to come up with "fresh, new ways to motivate five year olds to reach as far as they can go," she writes in her About Me. The Alphabet Garden is one such tool to help kindergarteners become better students: it contains ample exercises and games, pictures of students, poems and general tips for improving teaching. Great work, Mrs. Hicks!

Mrs. Waddingham


Mrs. Waddingnam has created a blog designed mostly to track the progress of her kindergarten students as they develop their learning skills throughout the year, as well as provide fun exercises, flashcards and such for other kindergarten teachers looking for new material. The exercises are tremendously useful for any teacher to use. Her blog is funny and very personal. She talks about the six pairs of shoes she owns, favorite hobbies and interesting facts like she loves the smell of new crayons (who doesn't?!).



Kinderpond focuses on providing great ideas for fun classroom games and activities. "Don't Rob the Bank" is a particularly fascinating game that teaches the kids about dealing with and exchanging money. Another great idea is "Writing Board," a big colorful board that helps students monitor and better their writing. This is another great resource for new and inventive ideas.

Mrs. Kelly's Kindergarten


Stephanie has been teaching kindergarten out in Ohio for four years and is studying to get her master's degree in literacy. Her blog is great for pictures to see what her kids are up to on a daily basis. At recess they fly kites, in the classroom they learn about octopi and dolphins, and they even learn about the process of precipitation. Her blog is very colorful and and intelligent.



Barb claims to have the best job in the world: teaching kindergarten, of course! She's been doing it for over 10 years and she loves every minute of it. Her blog is mostly a documentation of what her class does weekly, like making their own constellations, learning the Bunny Hop Math Game, and housing guppies in the classroom. She stays active in the blogging community, so if you're an education professional or aspiring to be so, this blog is a great place to start.

Update on our 100th Day of School
by Ms. Gaither about 4 years ago
98 days and counting...
by Mrs. Gaither over 4 years ago

Under the Big Top


Melayne refers to her blog as "The Home of the Marchese Clowns." That about sums up her classroom experience: exciting, goofy, and explorative all at the same time. whether it's going on Easter egg hunts, conducting science experiments, or studying the anatomy of frogs, her class is curious, enthusiastic, and obviously has a great time. She provides cute sample drawings from her kids and other pics from the classroom, too.

One Extra Degree


The blog's author loves teaching, considering it to be her greatest hobby, and in her spare time she volunteers with the Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival (it doesn't get any cooler than that). All of that manifests itself in her blog, comprised of ample pictures of student work as they explore artwork, books, and things such as the difference between a quart, gallon, and pint (something most of us could benefit from learning!).

Krazy 4 Kinders


It's all in the name: Krazy 4 Kinders is a blog about the crazy world that is teaching kindergarten. Ms. Wagner shows us a glimpse into her everyday teaching life, going over her likes, dislikes, the 10 things she's learned about teaching (invaluable for any aspiring teacher), among other things. She also lists great books you may not already know of for kindergarteners. Basically, this is as close as you can get to being in the classroom without physically being seated in one of those tiny chairs.

Kelly Teaches


Kelly teaches kindergarten and she shares her classroom project ideas and resources on her blog. We love this blog because it's a great peek into the inner workings of being a teacher to the very youngest students with a wide range of skills and family histories.

The kindergarten chick


A new blog that focuses on easy classroom tips with a few activity ideas and I am currently working on printables to share.

Mrs. Nations' Learning Garden


Mrs. Nations Learning Garden is the account of a passionate teacher who is returning to the classroom after many years as a resource teacher. It records learning experiences in the "garden" community where "readers, writers and thinkers GROW!"

Kreative in Kinder


Kreative in Kinder is a teaching blog that seeks to connect with primary teachers around the world. This forum provides creativity, conversation, and fun all from inside a Kindergarten classroom.

The Kinder Queendom


Welcome to the Kinder Queendom! Once upon a time in a Queendom, not so far away...there awaited knowledge abound for the many little princesses and princes in our classes. Here in a most special Queendom, you will find vast treasures and honorable acquaintances! May this be a place to reap the joys of fellow Kinder Queens, whom as you will soon find out overflow with generosity and goodwill. May your journeys always bring you back here...

Alphamania: An Alphabet Resource for Teachers and Parents


Alphamania: An Alphabet Resource for Teachers and Parents is designed to allow teachers and parents of two to six-year-old children to explore the world around them in a fun and exciting way by using the alphabet. Children at this young age need experiences that involve all the senses. Art, health, safety, science, geography, social studies, history, language arts, mathematics, music and literature are integrated throughout the activities in this book. Directions for projects are easy to read and follow and the materials are basic and inexpensive.

Prima Kindergarten


A new adventure in blogging where I discuss reading and writing tips and tricks. I am constantly inspired by the wonderful kindergarten blogs and am excited to connect with other kindergarten teachers!

Teaching with Z


A blog created as a virtual "hallway chat." A place for teachers to get great teaching tips for teaching, classroom organization, and other great things. Come visit to check out the First Day of Kindergarten Linky Party!

Kindergarten Love


A blog that celebrates and shares all things Kindergarten. While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.