Kindergarten Hoppenings


Shannon Martin has been teaching kindergarten since 1999, and she absolutely loves it. Her blog recommends books, teaches the ABC's in fun, creative ways, and contains educational YouTube videos on things like counting fish and singing about pirates.



Donna Glynn has been an educator for more than 17 years. She teaches Kindergarten as well as speaks at National, Local and District workshops and conferences. She believes that every child has the ability to learn and loves to create activities for her classroom that tap into a child's inner curiosity while meeting the common core standards. She has spoken at The I Teach Kindergarten Conference, The National Singapore Math Conference, Frog Street Press Splash Conference and The Read Aloud Delaware conference. Donna is also a Top Seller on the Teacherspayteachers website. Her standards based centers and units are a favorite among many teachers. You may visit her products at: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Donna-Glynn-Kinderglynn She is married with three beautiful children and two dogs. She loves to spend time with her family and believes that each day is a gift that should be cherished.

Growing Kinders


The blog's author is very detailed and personal, writing about a variety of topics from summarizing a day in the classroom to something that struck her as "the bane of my existence." It's honest, funny, compelling and superbly informative all at once. She provides pictures, videos and various samples from her students.

Dr. Jean.org


Dr. Jean's a kindergarten teacher with a noteworthy career. She is particularly known for her use of fun songs in teaching kindergartners. Her colorful site features fun activity ideas for little learners and book recommendations for creative teaching.

Mrs. Huff's Kinderblog


Mrs. Huff has been teaching kindergarten for 8 years, and she has created her blog so the online world can follow her students as they play, learn and explore. "Childhood should be a journey, not a race," she writes in the subheader. This seems to be the philosophy behind her teaching. All year long the students go along for a journey, making animals out of paper, growing plants and sunflowers, learning about vegetables, and making Thanksgiving finger puppets. How fun!

Mrs. Kimbrell's Kindergarten Kids


Mrs. Kimbrell's blog documents the everyday occurrences in her classroom. These include Earth Day, learning the ABCs by doing Zumba (a dance style), and following specific themes each month (for instance, April is the month of diligence and perseverance). The kids are so excited and happy to be learning, you can't help but be inspired!

A little Kinder told me so..


This blog was created as a way to share the ups and downs of teaching Kindergarten! The teacher author shares ideas on classroom projects, student work and stories from the journey. She also uses this blog to find out what other teachers are thinking and doing in their classrooms.

Kindergarten Crayons


This is a blog filled with ideas and freebies to enhance your teaching in the primary grades. It offers strategies and best teaching practices for teachers who work with our youngest learners.

My Kindergarten Kids


Louanne is a kindergarten teacher who loves her job and her kindergarten kids! She has been teaching for more than 20 years. She has a Masters Degree in Divergent Learning and is National Board Certified. She loves to share classroom projects and is always searching for new ways to grow as a teacher!

The Kindergarten Lifestyle


I am starting a blog for teachers with lots of ideas to help in the classroom. I love learning from others. So, I thought it was fitting for me to join in all the sharing!!

Maggie's Kinder Corner


Find free classroom printables as well as tips and ideas for projects or units, and links to Maggie's stores where you will find Math Journals aligned to all Common Core Math Standards for use in kindergarten and beginning first grade! You might like all of the new Owl Themed items in my stores too!

5 Fab Tips Session 3: DVDs for the Classroom
by noreply@blogger.com (Maggie Huf) almost 3 years ago
5 Fab Tips! Periscope Session 2: Good Morning Songs
by noreply@blogger.com (Maggie Huf) almost 3 years ago

Time 4 Kindergarten


Time 4 Kindergarten is a blog for Kindergarten teachers and parents of kindergartners. My blog offers ideas for classroom activities and lots of freebies for literacy and math.

Quick and Easy Ideas for Literacy Week
by Tiffani Mugurussa about 2 years ago
Why Special Needs Students Make Me a Better Teacher
by Tiffani Mugurussa about 2 years ago

Little Miss Kindergarten


The Little Miss Kindergarten blog was created by Mrs. Coe as a way to extend the classroom experience to parents and teachers and provide a way to promote Early Childhood practices and as a means to collaborate ideas and inspiration.

If The Light Is Glowing...
by Mrs. C about 2 years ago
Happy Valentine's Day!
by Mrs. C about 2 years ago

Joyful Learning In KC


This blog shares with you many of the joyful things happening in this kindergarten class! Melissa has been teaching young children for the past 20 years. Her blog shares many of the activities the children in KC experience each week! You will always find free downloads from some of the favorite lessons taught that week. Hopefully, you will enjoy taking a peak into a classroom that celebrates reading books and making books!

Kristen's Kindergarten


A Kindergarten blog about the daily happenings in my Kindergarten classroom!

Work Smart Not Hard Teaching Kindergarten


This blog was created as a way to help other teachers work smart, not hard. There is no charge for the activities shared on this blog.

Crayons and Curls


I started a blog to offer tips and help other teachers. I want to help teachers make their job easier and have fun teaching! I also want to offer tips to parents to help their students learn and grow!

Eberhart's Explorers


Miss Eberhart has been teaching now for 5 years and kindergarten is where her heart is. Eberhart's Explorers is a reflection of the daily life and happenings in a kindergarten classroom. From stories and pictures, to printables and activities...her blog allows you to "explore" the world of a kinder!

Kindergarten Kiosk


Kindergarten Kiosk believes that early learners should be active participants of their own learning! Hands-on-games are the core of our child-centered approach to teaching! Student scores will soar and common core standards will be met if children play while they learn. Also the children will love school and love learning! And yes, the teacher will also love teaching! This blog offers not only quality products but many samplings of life in the kindergarten classroom.

Kinder Creations


Kindergarten is my "thing" and I adore teaching. In May 2007, I received my B.A. from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in Elementary Education. This is my fifth year teaching kindergarten. I am teaching half-day (AM/PM) kindergarten and last "year" I taught full-day, tuition-based kindergarten (2010-2011). Using my scrapbooking and crafting skills, I prefer to make my own classroom materials and learning centers. All of these materials are aesthetically pleasing to the kindergarten child. I create about a quarter of my "worksheets" to cater to my students' abilities. I constantly self-reflect and modify lessons and tools to benefit my kindergartners. My students keep me on my toes.

Young & Lively Kindergarten


Young & Lively Kindergarten was created as a way to connect with teachers and parents in order to share ideas and stories that will benefit the children in our lives. We firmly believe that teaching is a team effort & our children benefit from our sharing of ideas!

Falling in love with Sight Words ~freebie~
by Kelly Young over 2 years ago
My Teacher is Missing!
by Kelly Young almost 3 years ago

Joy of Life 2011


Joy of Life 2011 is written by Nancy, a Kindergarten and Early Intervention Resource Teacher with 20 years of teaching experience. She shares activities and ideas which are useful to regular education and special education teachers.

Little Minds at Work


My blog is an excellent resource for Kindergarten teachers! I have been transitioning to the Common Core and will be a great resource for those transitioning as well.

Giggles and Squeals


Where laughter is the best medicine in a kindergarten classroom!

Kinder Learning Garden


We LOVE teaching kindergarten and sharing ideas with fellow Kindergarten teachers! Join us as we help our little kinders bloom and grow!