Are you a music history buff? If so, you will love Zeitschichten's blog. It brings you fresh news about various pieces of music history, but also offers new ways of looking at the past.

Soho the Dog


You'll enjoy this blog as much as we did because Matthew Guerrieri is not just a lover of music, he is involved in it as a composer, conductor, and pianist. Lots of very useful information here!

Thanks for hesitating
by Matthew over 2 years ago
by Matthew over 2 years ago

Buzzing Reed- Breathing Clarinet & Classical Music for All


David is an opinionated musician that offers his readers many great pieces of reading with a lot of food for thought. His passion is classical music. Whether you agree with him or not, the blog is very well presented and easy to navigate.

Chedeville Clarinet Barrels review
by David H. Thomas almost 3 years ago
Légere clarinet Reeds after 6 years experience
by David H. Thomas almost 3 years ago

Jessica Duchen's Classical Music Blog


Ah, this is the blog for classical music lovers all over the world. Jessica includes lots of YouTube clips of various pieces, which makes you feel like you are right there. In addition, she writes about everything and anything to do with classical music. Classical music fans will find this blog very informative.

Iron Tongue of Midnight


The first thing you will notice when you head to Lisa's blog is the bright pink background, but don't let that sway you, there is some excellent information here for classical music fans. She is a classical music writer so this blog comes from this point of view, which is awesome!

Hong Out of Met Butterfly Entirely
by Lisa Hirsch over 2 years ago
Robert Moses and Lincoln Center
by Lisa Hirsch over 2 years ago

Aworks: "new" American Classical Music


The name of the blog may make you think that this blogger is straying from traditional classical music roots, but in reality, it is just the opposite. He gives valuable information and clippings for his readers to listen to while reading through the various blog entries.

aworks listening log :: arlene sierra @asie #ex-pat #rasputin #legacymedia
by rgable about 4 years ago
aworks listening log :: hot air festival
by rgable over 4 years ago

Musical Perceptions


Scott Spiegelberg is a lover of classical music and uses his blog to share about various composers, his thoughts and views. He is the Music Theory program Coordinator at DePauw University, so he shares some valuable writings with his readers.

Finding the right question
by Scott over 2 years ago
What Do You Hear?
by Scott over 2 years ago

The Unamplified Voice


This blogger adores opera and it comes through in his or her postings. The blog shares a lot of different reviews on performances as well as performers. It is a very useful and interesting reading for opera fans.

The 2016-17 Met season announcement, annotated
by JSU over 2 years ago
Is that all there is?
by JSU over 2 years ago

The Detritus Review


This blog is dedicated mostly to music critics, but it is useful with lots of great information. The goal of the bloggers is to being the music to their readers so that it makes sense.



This London blogger is an opera music fan and blogs about different events in London and all over the world. It is fun and interesting reading.

A double dose of Wagner in Birmingham
by inter mezzo about 4 years ago
Jazz hands please
by inter mezzo about 4 years ago

Sounds & Fury


Very in-depth blogging by A.C. Douglas on everything having to do with music. The bloggers takes his or her time when it comes to their entries to make them meaty and thought-provoking. A definite must-read for music lovers!

The Right Way To Do Operatic Konzept Regietheater
by A.C. Douglas about 4 years ago
About That "Shabby Little Shocker"
by A.C. Douglas about 4 years ago

The Concert


This a superb blog that allows you to learn all about music from the prospective of someone that is traveling. Very interesting reading and worth checking out.

Chicago Classical Music


Do you love the classical music? If so, and you happen to live in the Chicago area, this blog offers you great insight into happenings around the city as it relates to classical music.

ClassicalMel's Piano and Music Education Blog


My blog focuses on piano music and music education. I try to create a balance between highlighting educational issues and classical music news, with historical pieces and reviews.

Piano Week 2014
by Melanie Spanswick about 4 years ago
Pascal Rogé in conversation with Melanie Spanswick
by Melanie Spanswick about 4 years ago

The Cross-Eyed Pianist


Written by a pianist and piano teacher, this blog explores music, pianism, and culture. Articles on repertoire, performance, technique, teaching, concert and exhibition reviews, video and soundclips. Updated regularly. New feature: a series called 'Meet the Artist' in which musicians, composers and conductors discuss aspects such as influences, inspirations, repertoire, performance, teaching and more....

Meet the Artist……Filomena Campus
by Cross-Eyed Pianist over 2 years ago
There’s something about André….
by Cross-Eyed Pianist over 2 years ago

Erica Ann Sipes: Beyond the Notes


My passion is to help others in the community, young, old, and everyone in between, find relevance and joy in learning, performing, or listening to classical music. I focus a lot on practice technique, dealing with performance anxiety, and other topics that help bring musical understanding, ease, and enjoyment.

Getting students hooked on practicing - game on, video game world!
by Erica Sipes about 3 years ago
A taste of something different - Annie Moses Band's Fine Arts Summer Academy
by Erica Sipes over 3 years ago

Craig Stratton


Violinist who performs solo and chamber concerts at home and beyond! Member of contemporary group, Bergersen String Quartet. Also plays violin, Banjo and Mandolin with original Country Folk band Pig Earth who performed at Wembley Arena last month. Teaches violin and piano, and involved with education ensembles both at school and corporate level. Has appeared in countless tv and film productions from Star Wars, Episode 1 (as an alien!) to Bridget Jones.

5th in the queue. Prince at Ronnie Scott’s
by Craig Stratton over 4 years ago

Piano and the City


stories, information advice, and other interesting insights from the piano world.

Practice Ideas for the Whole Musician


This blog is written and created for the Whole Musician: in mind, body and spirit. The possibilities for practice, playing and performing are infinite...In this blog I share Practice Ideas for the Whole Musician as inspiration, information and as a portal into your musical imagination.