The Daily Dirt Chess Blog


Get frequent and informative updates on the happenings in the chess world from this well-maintained and written blog.

Origin of the Chess Tourists
by Mig over 4 years ago

Chess Cafe


Chess news, tricks, traps and counsel are provided daily to ardent fans of the game here. An armada of chess titans is invited to compose op-eds on the state of the game.

Daily Chess News Links
almost 4 years ago
Daily Chess News Links
almost 4 years ago

Chess Vibes


Pan over to this blog when you're looking for the most recent chess tournament info. Celebrated players also regularly appear to lend some consummate counsel.

Radjabov Also Beats Carlsen, Grabs Sole Lead in Shamkir
by Peter Doggers about 4 years ago
Carlsen Goes Down Against Caruana in Shamkir | Update: VIDEO
by Peter Doggers about 4 years ago

The Chess Drum


Africa's experience with the game of chess is this blog's unique concentration. Chess scenes in Ghana, Nigeria and Zambia provide for the most recent, vivid posts here.

Latest Ashley interview on Millionaire Chess!
by Daaim Shabazz about 4 years ago
Theophilus Thompson’s book recreated!
by Daaim Shabazz about 4 years ago

Begin Chess


A blog for those at the beginner's level. Find information on the thought process this blogger goes through when playing chess, tips, and insight. There are a number of blogs to address the professional players, but this blog helps the beginners out there.

8 Chess Endgame Principles
by chessbuzz about 2 years ago
Top 5 Free Chess Databases
by chessbuzz over 2 years ago

Boylston Chess Club Weblog


This is the blog of the Boylston Chess Foundation (BCF). The blog offers information on the developments and happenings at BCF.

March Quads
by Robert Oresick about 2 years ago
Plus Score
by Robert Oresick about 2 years ago



New York City chess lovers can find company at this site. It has been a gathering place for chess lovers based in the city who frequent local chess meeting places. The blog also follows international chess events and offers chess information and commentary.

A Chess Parody- Eviscerating My System: The Immortal Overprotection Game
by lefthandsketch almost 4 years ago
Bird River Swiss!
by lefthandsketch almost 4 years ago

ChessBase News


This site offers information about chess news, online chess games, and key chess games and tournaments. This is the place to find world news on chess.

Jim West on Chess


Blogger James R. West is based out of New Jersey. His blog offers frequent updates pulling together the latest news on chess from various sites.

Marshall Saturday Game/60 2/27/2016
by James R. West about 2 years ago
Pix from February Under 2300 2/21/2016
by James R. West about 2 years ago

The Chess Improver


Blogger Nigel Davies is based in the United Kingdom. The blogger is an international grandmaster and chess coach using this blog to look at ways for people to get better at chess.

Optimum Use of Resourses: Game Study
by AshvinC almost 4 years ago
Future Masters
by Angus James almost 4 years ago

The Chess Nut Blog


Blogger Adam Porth is a high school science teacher based in Idaho. The blogger also love the game of chess and uses this blog to promote the game and to share with his readers how he's grown and advanced as a chess player.

2015 National Dragon Day Tournament
by Adam Porth over 3 years ago
TATA Steel Begins!
by Adam Porth over 3 years ago

The Wholesale Chess Blog


Find chess products, chess product review and chess news at this blog.

Chess Blog for Girls


In their own words, "This site is where I provide young female chess players with updates on important chess news as well as upcoming girl's tournaments. It is also a site where young players and their parents / coaches can productively discuss or ask questions about various chess issues! Your comments are welcome and appreciated! "

Rules & Conditions for the 12th Annual Susan Polgar Foundation Girls' Invitational
by Chess Daily News over 3 years ago
SPFGI 2014 Final Standings & Prizes
by Chess Daily News almost 4 years ago

Dana Blogs Chess


Dana Mackenzie is a national master, two-time former champion of North Carolina and a regular lecturer at www.chesslecture.com. He blogs about the game of chess and his insights are well worth the read.

Positional Pawn Sac
by admin about 2 years ago
Computer go
by admin about 2 years ago