Adventures in Mandyland


Adventures in Mandyland is a blog by another cheer mom that chronicles Mandy's experiences while balancing the responsibilities of cheer-parenthood; life in the "real world," as she calls it; and the sacrifices both cheerleaders and parents must make.

Diary of a newby oil puller
by mandymaetaylor about 4 years ago
Oh, She’s Just Being Miley
by mandymaetaylor about 4 years ago

Coach's Blog


Coach’s Blog offers a look at cheerleading from a coach’s perspective. The blog includes lists of chants, inspiration quotes, and stunt advice, just to name a few.

2016 Track Concessions Hosted by Cheer Squad
by Ted Mallory over 2 years ago
by Ted Mallory over 2 years ago

Cheerleading Safety Blog


Cheerleading Safety Blog is something every cheerleader and cheer supporter should bookmark. With the high-risk activities that make cheerleading the exhilarating sport that it has evolved into, it makes sense that cheerleaders are more prone to injury. This blog offers great tips and tools to help minimize the risks associated with those injuries.

Science Cheerleader


Science Cheerleader is a unique blog focused on a unique cheerleading team. These cheer enthusiasts have united in the name of science to raise awareness, draw interest to the field, and to share their love of the subject.

“Science! Science! Sis Boom Bah!” UPenn Gazette features Darlene Cavalier
by Gopher about 4 years ago
Rae: Science Cheerleader, Chemist, and STEM communicator!
by Gopher about 4 years ago

Philadelphia Eagles' Blog: Cheerleaders


Get the latest information about the Philadelphia Eagles' cheerleaders by reading this well-written and interesting blog.

America Needs Cheerleaders


America Needs Cheerleaders is dedicated to promoting the numerous positive contributions made by cheerleaders around the world. As current and former cheerleaders ourselves, we know that cheerleaders have the incredible ability to motivate athletes, fans, family, and friends to dig deeper, reach higher, and be the best they can be. From outstanding academics and school involvement to extracurricular activities and charity work, cheerleaders are not only making a difference on the football field, but also in their schools and communities. It’s a fact — America needs cheerleaders!

The Varsity Sideline


Here at the Varsity Sideline, we hope you come here and find it as a place to share inspiration and be inspired.. A place where you can see all the behind the scenes scoop, hard work and dedication we, at VSF, commit to you. Hang with us as we take you on the journey of fashion, trends, photo shoots, brainstorming sessions, creating, designing and exchanging ideas.

Motivational Monday
by Vicki Varsity about 4 years ago
How To: Layer Up this Spring
by Vicki Varsity about 4 years ago

Lights. Camera. Cheer.


This blog deals with all things cheerleading . need advice or tips on anything ? I'm your girl to ask .

Buffalo Pro Cheer Blog


This site is in no way officially affiliated with either the Buffalo Jills or Bandettes but works with both squads with the goal of promoting the quality and hard work of these squads. This site is dedicated to the hard-working ladies on the sidelines of Buffalo's pro sports teams, the Buffalo Jills and the Buffalo Bandettes. This site is my big passion. In 2001, I noticed that Buffalo's Pro Cheerleaders didn't get the positive recognition that they deserved. Since then, I've done more and more to ensure that is never an issue again with positive publicity and candid photography.

A few tidbits to catch up on regarding the Teasers and the Bandettes
by Phil about 2 years ago
Bandette of The Week Rachel
by Phil about 2 years ago

Once a Cheerleader, Always a Cheerleader


Written by cheerleader Elizabeth, here you'll find the latest information on the cheerleading world, compiled by a dedicated and excited cheerleader.

Diary of a Cheerleader


Hey, there, I'm Aly Danielle. I'm a high school cheerleader and this is my diary. It was started 5/19/2011? Don't know how far this blog will go but join me on my adventure through my third year of cheerleader. I promise you won't regret it :)

Cheerleading Crazy


This is just a blog about my cheer life, and what goes on in it. I'll be writing about what I did through out the day cheer related, post pictures of my favorite teams or stunts, and keep anyone interested updated on my daily cheer life. Feel free to comment or message me :)

Cheer Bows Are Us


Cheer Bows Are Us is a business run at home by two dedicated high school cheerleaders. Each bow is handcrafted from scratch and is designed for cheerleaders everywhere. We will also take requests of any signature designs. Comment or message us with any further questions :)

Falcons Academy Cheerleading


We are cheerleading academy in South West Great Britain. Each week, we help to build skills and understanding of the great competitive sport of cheerleading.

Tonight’s practice 
by falconscheeracademy about 3 years ago
No practice tomorrow. 
by falconscheeracademy about 3 years ago

The Cheer Father


I am a big, burley 47 year old guy, a telecomm lineman by trade. So why blog on cheerleading you ask ? Well my daughter started in Rec Cheer when she was 4 years old, and finally had the opportunity to participate on a competitive rec team when she was 9. That is when we fell in love with this sport, when we discovered what competitive cheer actually was ! Since that time we have seen and been part of the good , the bad, and sometimes the ugly of the sport. I would be just as content to sit and watch the Worlds broadcast on ESPN as I would to watch my beloved Redskins play. It is that compelling and that fantastic. The great thing is, I get to watch my daughter do it, and it is demanding as any athletic en devour is. Its commitment of time and resources, it is a lifestyle for the parents as well as the athletes. We fortunately currently live in an area of the country which is renowned for its cheer teams, My Daughter is now a Maryland Twister, which is at the top of the class when it comes to competitive cheer. I blog about it because I want the world to know that it is without question, A SPORT !! And I hope also to offer some of what my unique perspective is on that sport.

Siobhan McCarthy.ca


Siobhan is a competitive WORLDS Cheerleader and the #MyBetterMVP for Sport Chek. She is currently training to run her first marathon and tracks her workouts with her passion for professional writing. "And though she be but little, she is fierce!" -Shakespeare

New adventures for the new season.
by Siobhan McCarthy about 4 years ago

Rah Rah Respect


A blog all about respecting cheerleaders and the sport. An in depth look at what it means to be a cheerleader and why it is so important to overcome the stereotype and gain respect as a true sport.

Pro Cheerleader Heaven


A place to celebrate the most beautiful and talented professional cheerleaders from around the world.