Celebrity Cheeze


This site features submissions of photos people have taken with celebrities and includes their experience with the celebrity. Find some interesting photos and comments.

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Interval Training Burn Fat And Excess Weight
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I'm Not Obsessed!


In addition to daily occurrences in the lives of celebs, here you'll also find gossip and information on celebrity couples, children, and hook-ups. Vera, the blog's writer, shares her witty two cents at the end of each post, and encourages subscribers to leave a comment sharing theirs.

Kelly Clarkson Includes Daughter In ‘Piece By Piece’ (Hot New Video)
by Andrea Banks over 2 years ago
Prince William And Kate Middleton Return To Wales
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Designed "for a new generation of moms" in mind, Famecrawler ensures you a steady stream of precocious, paparazzi-ready baby coverage.

Olsen Twins News + Friends


This blog primarily focuses on the Olsen Twins -- Mary Kate and Ashley. Find information on new movies they may be in, fashion, style and more. The site also offers photos and videos, and the latest news related to other celebrities.

Glamour Vanity


This blog offers the latest on celebrity news, photos and videos. Find gossip, talk about embarrassing celebrity moments and more.

Style Ikon


Find all the latest news and gossips, big or small, on this blog. This blog also features a section on the latest on Lindsay Lohan, from who her ex-boyfriend is now dating to when she left rehab.

HQ Celebrity


This blog seeks out photos and news on celebrities like serious paparazzi. From photos of Selena Gomez in sweats to Kourtney Kardashian in a swimsuit, you can find the latest on many celebrities' personal life.

Katherine Webb Trilogy Completed
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Marisa Miller Is A True Stunner
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Posh 24


This site covers all things related to international celebrities. Find news and gossip talk on beauty, fashion, style, new music videos and even the latest on celebrities' personal life.

Watch Video: Leo DiCaprio's Awkward Coachella Dancing!
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David Beckham Buys Victoria 80K Gift For 40th Birthday!
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This blog offers the top headlines news on celebrities, including videos. Find information on all that goes on in the entertainment business with celebrities and there are also a pop culture games available on the site.

The Celebrity Blog


From celebrity gossip, news, pictures, awards and interviews, you can find it here. You can also sign up to their celebrity news updates e-mail news.

Vegas Celebrity Hotspots
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Vegas Celebrity Hotspots
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Celebrity Days


This blog compiles the latest celebrity news, gossip, pictures and information from several major entertainment sites. The site is also categorized by celebrity names so you can just select the person you're looking for and get a run down on all the information this site has on that individual.

Celeb Slam


This site covers celebrity news and takes an different twist in coverage, by making fun of them. Finding funny, shocking and unbelievable moments with celebrities.

When an NFL star goes to the Oscars
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Your lesbian fantasy of the week . . . and the Weekend's Paparazzi Leftovers
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The Blemish


This site covers the latest hook ups, break ups and celebrity and entertainment news. The site also features a section called Bikini Posts that focus on celebrities and their bikinis.

The Rest of the Web, Wednesday, 12.23.15
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Web Finds, 12.24.15
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The A List: Glee


The crown of celebrity weighs heavy on a star's head; incessant paparazzi camera flashes don't make fame any easier to handle. That's the price the cast of Glee are currently paying, and gossip sites have been generated to lap it all up. Of those hearsay rags, we give the most props to Alanna's grade A page. Unlike other rumor mills, Alanna ensures that even if a scoop or lead doesn't bear fruit, her posts always sparkle with minimum fanfare and maximum attention to detail.

Celebrity Divorce Blog


The Celebrity Divorce Blog is a section of MyFamilyLaw.com. The blog keeps you up-to-date on celebs in the midst of divorce as well as how those divorces are progressing. The website also provides a family law library, a section for legal forms, and an "ask a lawyer" section.

Weekly Roundup Test Post #1
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Galaxie: JB


Galaxie understands that JB is right at the center of it -- that is, the celebrity galaxy of the moment. Every post documents fans' current revolution around Justin's axis.