My Cat Goma


Living in Burlington, VT, Goma is the gorgeous Hymalayan you'll never forget. You can see him posing, looking just like a catepillar in his basket. Put a shirt on him, and his fan of fur looks just like a skirt, (although he's not the cheerleader type).

FOG September Movie Is Here
by Sachie Tani almost 3 years ago
FOG May Movie is here! Kitty Belly!
by Sachie Tani about 3 years ago

Is it Bruce-proof?


This is a blog reviewing products I have bought and/or received for my cat, Bruce ... also known as "Destroyer of Toys." Ever since I adopted him, I've said that anyone who could make a toy that is "Bruce-proof" would make a killing. This blog reviews the toys that have so far failed to make the cut, as well as various other pet products.

Bruce takes on HotPursuit
over 4 years ago
Catster Community not going down without a fight!
over 4 years ago