50 Kittens


Bloggers Ted and Martha have been fostering abandoned kittens since 2005. Based in the Washington D.C. area, they offer a stepping-stone to adoption for kittens who are "unnamed little fledglings that can barely walk. They wobble around on toothpick legs, gain their strength and are sleek and strong when they leave, "ready to take on the world."

snipping and Hopping
about 4 years ago
Home Stretch
about 4 years ago

Saved Kitties


Rescuing and fostering cats and kittens. This is the story of Fluffy, a semi-feral cat and how she adjusts to living indoors and raising her kittens. Lots of pictures and videos! Written by a former veterinary technician and current volunteer for a cat rescue.

by Jeanette Johnstone over 4 years ago

Playful Kitty


Playful Kitty is a blog about everything that has to do with cats! Post categories include Cats in History, Cats in Art, Cat Health, Funny Cat Pictures, Cats in the News, and much much more.

Funny Cat Picture: Silly Cinco
by Robin about 4 years ago
Playful Kitty Puzzle + Caturday Art
by Robin about 4 years ago

Tails from the Foster Kittens


A blog about the kittens I foster and the cats I own