Kate's Cats


Based in southern Utah, blogger Kate shares her fun and inspiring stories about her own cats writes to raise awareness for groups fighting to find "these gorgeous creatures homes." " I won't rest until every single homeless pet has a forever home," she says.

A Cat A Day


A pointless daily blog about my life with a family of Siamese cats

The Paris Cat


Fun blog on everything related cats, from a cat who lives in Paris, France.

Nerissa's Life


The life and times of me, Nerissa the Cat.

Shitty Kitty Cat Blog


My name is Kitty. Some like to call me Shitty Kitty because of my Cattitude, but it's just Kitty, and that's MISS. Kitty to you! Sometimes my staff calls me "The Little Queen", which is also accurate because I AM the QUEEN of this castle! I have round the clock servants who give me what I want when I want it. I do whatever I want and GET whatever I want or else! Enjoy my blog about my luxurious lifestyle, cat jokes, and more! It's all about MEow!

Healing Power of Cat Purrs
about 4 years ago
Reasons to be a Cat by Pusheen
about 4 years ago

Pets Garden Blog


Pet Campbell`s blog in which she writes about life in Florida, TheBengalBrats, Bengal cats and her ongoing attempt to train them, KalaTheKindDog, her husband John, also known as TheMasterOfTheUniverse (TMOTU), who occasionally expresses political opinions, Chaos caused by the critters in her house, the pain of life with arachnoiditis, digital photography, Wednesday-Hero's, Photo-Friday, gardens and gardening.

Happy Tax Day!
by pet about 4 years ago
Unthinking Obedience
by pet about 4 years ago