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Pet Campbell`s blog in which she writes about life in Florida, TheBengalBrats, Bengal cats and her ongoing attempt to train them, KalaTheKindDog, her husband John, also known as TheMasterOfTheUniverse (TMOTU), who occasionally expresses political opinions, Chaos caused by the critters in her house, the pain of life with arachnoiditis, digital photography, Wednesday-Hero's, Photo-Friday, gardens and gardening.

Happy Tax Day!
by pet about 4 years ago
Unthinking Obedience
by pet about 4 years ago

Cat Box Zen


Cat Box Zen is a place where cat minded people can find some zen and spirituality through the silly ways and wisdom of the cat. A place to embrace your Inner Purr! Love, Peace & Purrs- KT Cat Paws!!

Alam Kucing


Alam Kucing mengajak anda untuk berhenti sejenak, meredamkan amarah dan melupakan rasa gelisah dan dukacita akibat tingkah laku kucing yang membingungkan, dengan cara diam, dengar dan lihat alam ini dari mata kucing. Ia tidak mudah namun beri peluang kepada diri anda untuk mengembalikan semula kasih sayang di antara anda dan kucing anda. Anda berhak memilikinya.



I live with an "interesting" bunch and have many observations to share. Things can get a little crazy around here.

Pet care tips


Explore our tips and advice for every aspect of your pet's care and enjoy the benefits of a pet's companion who is happy, healthy and content from professionals in India.

Tails from the Foster Kittens


A blog about the kittens I foster and the cats I own

Cats of Wildcat Woods


We are a small independent rescue serving senior and special needs cats. Follow along as we love and care for our fur babies.

PetClue Blog


As one of the fastest growing national pet directories, PetClue offers updates and blogs about pet health and wellness, pet support and adoption, pet stories submitted by pet parents, and more.