Cat Wisdom 101


2012 Pettie Award finalist for Best Cat Blog. Cat Wisdom 101 provides all original content updated daily from holistic cat behaviorist Layla Morgan Wilde. We enlighten & entertain cat lovers with fun photos & quotes, giveaways, cat book reviews, Vet 101 and more!

Catification Countdown To Blogpaws + Art Hop
by Layla Morgan Wilde about 4 years ago
Cat Cafe Pops Up in NYC
by Layla Morgan Wilde about 4 years ago

Colehaus Cats


Weekly musings from the Colehaus Cats. Seth, Maxx, Miss Newton, Tessa, Pia, Olivia and Quint - We're all rescued. We're all loved.

02/29/2016 – Leap Year, Smeap Year
by colehauscats over 2 years ago
02/26/2016 – Foster Fridays with Miss Itty
by colehauscats over 2 years ago

The Great Cat


This site is for cat lovers who want to follow the cat as it prowls through centuries of history, art and literature. Starting with the cat's very beginnings in prehistory, to its rise as a beloved and worshiped goddess, to its demonization, and finally to its gradual climb to its position today as cherished companion and inspiration, The Great Cat will lead you to a complete understanding of the enduring history of our enigmatic feline.

Cats in the 19th Century (Part 15-Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Cat Calvin)
by LA Vocelle about 4 years ago
Cats in the 19th Century (Part 14-Edgar Allan Poe’s Black Cat)
by LA Vocelle about 4 years ago

P & P Furball Factory


A pictorial blog documenting the adventures of black domestic short hair Pinklepurr and Possum, a "failed" ocicat, in Australia.

The ShatCast


Random stuff from two crazy lazy cats and their staff.

Mogspot dot Blogspot


A funny, illustrated blog about my two cats, Mouth and Tail. :)

Improve Your Cat


ImporveYourCat.com is brought to you by a veterinarian Signe and a feline behaviorist Mario. They both believe in possibility to improve your cat's life by altering his environment, diet and communication with you.

Covered in Cat Hair


The real-life story of Robin A.F. Olson's quest to educate, inspire, and delight cat lovers while struggling with the challenges of running her non-profit cat rescue group, Kitten Associates, rescuing cats from kill shelters and just trying to figure out how to live a better life with ever-changing number of cats.

The Death of Everyone's Cat
by Robin Olson over 2 years ago
In a Perfectly Shitty World
by Robin Olson over 2 years ago

A Proper Bostonian


A Boston-based, personal blog that often focuses on our four cats and relevant cat issues.

I Love Silver Meow


A gray Tabby cat that loves to sleep, eat and dream...

Is it Bruce-proof?


This is a blog reviewing products I have bought and/or received for my cat, Bruce ... also known as "Destroyer of Toys." Ever since I adopted him, I've said that anyone who could make a toy that is "Bruce-proof" would make a killing. This blog reviews the toys that have so far failed to make the cut, as well as various other pet products.

Bruce takes on HotPursuit
over 4 years ago
Catster Community not going down without a fight!
over 4 years ago

Common Cat Diseases


This website provides information on a wide range of health conditions that can affect cats. The blog also educates owners on a wide range of other topics regarding caring for cats.

Cat Video Reviews


Making the world a better place - one cat video at a time.

Life From A Cat's Perspective


We are two cats that love to Blog and meet new furiends all the time!! We live in Texas!

A Cat A Day


A pointless daily blog about my life with a family of Siamese cats

The Paris Cat


Fun blog on everything related cats, from a cat who lives in Paris, France.

Nerissa's Life


The life and times of me, Nerissa the Cat.

Playful Kitty


Playful Kitty is a blog about everything that has to do with cats! Post categories include Cats in History, Cats in Art, Cat Health, Funny Cat Pictures, Cats in the News, and much much more.

Funny Cat Picture: Silly Cinco
by Robin almost 4 years ago
Playful Kitty Puzzle + Caturday Art
by Robin almost 4 years ago

Shitty Kitty Cat Blog


My name is Kitty. Some like to call me Shitty Kitty because of my Cattitude, but it's just Kitty, and that's MISS. Kitty to you! Sometimes my staff calls me "The Little Queen", which is also accurate because I AM the QUEEN of this castle! I have round the clock servants who give me what I want when I want it. I do whatever I want and GET whatever I want or else! Enjoy my blog about my luxurious lifestyle, cat jokes, and more! It's all about MEow!

Healing Power of Cat Purrs
about 4 years ago
Reasons to be a Cat by Pusheen
about 4 years ago