Purrchance to Dream


Seven cats star in this blog: Isis, Pete, Daphne, Bella, Chloe, Jack, and Spooker You'll enjoy reading their bio's which include how some of them were found or rescued. Their main human is called Not The Mama. You'll find some very informative articles on blog such as reminders about toxins such as lillies and how to successfully (and safely for cats) grow catnip.

Happy Thanksgiving
by Mo and The Purries over 2 years ago
Happy Halloween from the Purries of Purrchance To Dream
by Mo and The Purries over 2 years ago

Quality Cat Care Blog


This blog offers detailed discussions and tips about everything imaginable related to kitties with topics that include: grooming tips, traveling with cats, skin care, separation anxiety, catnip and toys, cat nutrition -- just about everything that's practical and cat related.

The Cat Realm


This is an artfully done and frequently updated blog with cat "members" all in sunglasses. The posts and photos have comments submitted from an active blog community.

Happy Noms Day to Everybody!
by The Cat Realm almost 3 years ago
Ruis, my beloved. Part 3
by The Cat Realm over 3 years ago

The Cats Whiskers


Find out about the world of cat breeders and their cats in articles and interviews with them. You'll learn about the different breeds such as persians, bengal cats and Maine coon cats. There is also unique information about cat behavior, nutrition, raw feeding, weaning kittens, and even information about becoming a breeder yourself.

Teddy Bumbledore: 13 April 2005 – 28 November 2015 … and Metacam kills cats
by thecatswhiskers over 2 years ago

The Real Housecats of Orange County


Written by veterinarian blogger Dr. Kelly Wright this blog will give you the true, inside scoop about these cats that hang out in Orange County.

Whisker Messages from a Church Cat


Tom is a church cat who blogs about stories that are part imagination and part fact. Every cat blog list needs a tongue-in-whiskers blog written by a cat. This one just happens to be the official church cat, Father Tom. Cast members includ Beth, the secretary, Mary Lou, the housekeeper, and Father Jack, the pastor at Temptation Parish.

Such Craziness!!
by The Church Cat Family over 2 years ago
It's the Holiday Season!
by The Church Cat Family over 2 years ago

Writers and Kitties


This unique blog "where literature has whiskers and pointy ears" features photographs of authors and their feline companions.

Modern Cat


This artistic blogger seeks out the newest products for living with cats in a modern home, helping you to find products that accommodate your cat and your own aesthetic style.

A Cat's Life


A blog about my life, (see title) my insane humans, and my incredibly wise thoughts.

paper bag & string


paper bag & string is a pet blog that complements my book Careers for Your Cat. The blog features real cats with jobs, funny cat stories and videos, humorous kitty photos, unique cat products, shelter cat stories, current cat news and more.

The Best Alarm Clock? Your Cat of Course! (VIDEO)
by Ann Dziemianowicz about 4 years ago
"A Cat's Guide to Loving a Human" by Cole & Marmalade (Video)
by Ann Dziemianowicz over 4 years ago

Feline Funnies


Feline Funnies is a series of amusing anecdotes about my life with eccentric feline friends. The goal of each post is to provide helpful hints on caring for cats through humor.

Paws...for a Thursday Thought: Hairballs
by EHBenoit almost 4 years ago
Feline Funnies Photo Post: Fast Escape Required
by EHBenoit almost 4 years ago

Saved Kitties


Rescuing and fostering cats and kittens. This is the story of Fluffy, a semi-feral cat and how she adjusts to living indoors and raising her kittens. Lots of pictures and videos! Written by a former veterinary technician and current volunteer for a cat rescue.

by Jeanette Johnstone over 4 years ago

Cheshire Loves Karma


Cheshire Kitten blogs about his life in a multicat family. He features cuddle pictures and invites submission of guest cuddles. He also writes about clicker training and cat health. And sometimes dogs.

Mousa Lisa from the art museum
by CheshireK almost 4 years ago
In the Company of Cats and Dogs in Austin, Texas
by CheshireK almost 4 years ago

The Musings Of A Crazy Cat Lady


A blog of insights from cats and their people. Cat relationships. Cat rescue. Cat health issues. Stories about cats. Fun and interesting products for cats.

Cat Chat


Cat Chat is a labor of love written by my silver gray tabby, (Cody) and myself and is dedicated to my first cat, Bobo who passed in 2007 at the age of 18.He was the epitome of the definition of a "Soul Kitty." Wrap up in a cozy comforter and enjoy a cup of catnip tea while you visit! Cody and I hope you enjoy your visit and that you will come back and "Cat Chat" with us often!

Cat Book Review: Homer:The Ninth Life Of A Blind Wonder Cat by Gwen Cooper
by Caren Gittleman over 2 years ago
Lucky CuddleMuff® Winner!!
by Caren Gittleman over 2 years ago

Bax Cat & Co.


This is our journey to achieve feline fun through the items that we make at Bax Cat & Co. Learn about what inspires our organic catnip cat toys and cat mat designs, and discover everything we love about cats!

about 4 years ago

Pudding & Parfait


Daily Scottish Fold photos~ Pudding is a one year old lilac Scottish Fold cat & Parfait is a white Scottish Fold mix kitten. Two sweet girls & their adventures together. http://puddingparfait.com/

Just another lazy Sunday
by okitokki over 3 years ago
Happy birthday, Pudding!!! ✨
by okitokki over 3 years ago

Street Pussy


We go out and meet cats on the streets, we socialise and photograph them.

over 2 years ago
over 2 years ago

Creme Brulee the Cat


Cute daily photos of Creme Brulee. Creme Brulee is a delightful, cute cat named for her coat. She was adopted to bring us a little more sweetness in our lives!

Creme Brulee the Cat playing with Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy Very cute!
over 3 years ago
Good Afternoon! <3 ^_^ I’m sunbathing while my human is...
almost 4 years ago