Save Our Tigers


This site makes it clear that only 1411 tigers are left in the wild. It also provides a good deal of hope and joy for the big cats' plight.

Snow Leopard Blog


Snow Leopards are far and away one of the most vulnerable big cats on earth. This blog ensures you're aware of the latest research put into their saving.

The Value of Trust
by matthias about 4 years ago
A Click is Worth $2
by matthias over 4 years ago

Amur Leopard


As the rarest big cat in the world, there are less than forty Amurs left in the wild. This blog vocalizes how critical it is that they're protected at this very moment.

Ooh la la Cinderalla has herself an admirer
by ALTA over 4 years ago
Tragedy Takes the Life of Amur leopard
by ALTA over 4 years ago

Tabby's Place


Tabby's Place is a blog is about an amazing cage-free sanctuary that provides refuge to cats in hopeless situations. Most of the cats that stay here come from public shelters where they had once been scheduled for euthanasia. It's about a loving environment that serves as a hospice for some and hope through adoption for many others.

The cat that ate the canaries
by Angela over 4 years ago
Bonny prayers besought
by Angela over 4 years ago

50 Kittens


Bloggers Ted and Martha have been fostering abandoned kittens since 2005. Based in the Washington D.C. area, they offer a stepping-stone to adoption for kittens who are "unnamed little fledglings that can barely walk. They wobble around on toothpick legs, gain their strength and are sleek and strong when they leave, "ready to take on the world."

snipping and Hopping
about 4 years ago
Home Stretch
about 4 years ago

A Cat's Golden Years


This blog is devoted to 18 year old Miss Kitty. She lives a beautiful, quiet life. Her human father is a painter, creating gorgeous renditions of his celebrated feline. Told from Kitty's point of view, this blog is truly a tribute to cats in their "golden years."

The Loss of Ms K
by Miss Kitty over 4 years ago

Brian's Home


This is a friendly blog with stories told from blogging cat Zoe's point of view. It's not all just cat fun here. Zoe has a fierce sense for animal advocacy. What can we do? we all can help: speak out; report animal abuse; appreciate wildlife; adopt a pet from a shelter or rescue and know how to take give your own pet the best care possible.

Mancat Monday: A Few Things I Forgot to Say
by Brian over 3 years ago
Easy Like Sunday with Selfie Styling by Kit
by Brian over 3 years ago

Blogging Cat.com


" Prince Muddy Paws" is cat living in Alabama who blogs. Aside from his "meowings" you'll find all kinds of current articles about cats in the news.

Leaves are the best things ever to watch
by Myst (Muddy's Brother) over 3 years ago
Relaxing while my human watch that noise box
by Myst (Muddy's Brother) over 3 years ago

Cat Blogosphere


This is where cats unite online to share cat news, fun and resources. The call is out for every cat that has "noos" to send it in so the repurrters can post it daily. You can find out about auctions and events, join a purrs and purrayers list, just wish each other happy birthday or celebrate "Meow Like a Pirate Day!"

Rest In Peace, Smudge
by Little Isis over 4 years ago
Friskies Party Mix Giveaway at Sparkle The Designer Cat
by Little Isis over 4 years ago

Cat Ladders


Now this is different: here you'll see 950 photos of cat ladders from all over the world that are truly astonishing. Winding, connecting, vertical don't- look- down mini steps for furry friends to transport themselves in their secret daily lives.

by Flyer-Jimmy over 4 years ago
by Flyer-Jimmy over 4 years ago

Cat Lady Land


Angie Bailey is a Minnesota blogger and cat fancier who has fun laughing at her cats' shenanigans, and finding the silliness in most everything they do and recording it for her readers.

I Saw the Thumper-Foot Thumping
by Angie, Catladyland almost 4 years ago
Cat Internet Festival and Lil BUB: How I Was Swept into a Catnado
by Angie, Catladyland almost 4 years ago

Cats in Crisis


This blog is dedicated to the cause of helping people with the costs of veterinary treatment for their feline companions. It's a dedicated, non-profit group where you may donate to help the cause or find resources for feline medical treatment. 

4 Your Cats


Blogger Laurie posts cat care articles such as: finding an alternative to declawing, how to take your cat's pulse, how to tell if your cats are playing or fighting and how to bathe your cat. And last but not least, you'll find a complete list of cat superstitions. Find out how to reverse the bad luck curse of a black cat crossing your path!

Older Cats – Skin, Hair And Nails
by Laurie Buckley over 3 years ago
Campylobacteriosis In Kittens
by Laurie Buckley over 4 years ago

Coolest Cat Care Blog


This blog offers 101 cat care tips about cat illnesses and symptoms including the five cat health symptoms that could be silent warnings. You can view a video about the number of things that can poison or harm your feline, (it only takes two minutes). This is a general resource center devoted to cat care and health.

House Panthers


This is a multi-authored blog about this non profit organization dedicated to eradicating the prevalent myths surrounding black cats. They ask, "Did you know that black cats are the last to be chosen for a forever home from a shelter or litter?" Thus, their mission: to bring this awareness to the animal loving community.

Rolling on the Porch with Julie
by Mickey's Musings over 2 years ago
Midnight Monday with Julie and Earl
by Mickey's Musings over 2 years ago

Kate's Cats


Based in southern Utah, blogger Kate shares her fun and inspiring stories about her own cats writes to raise awareness for groups fighting to find "these gorgeous creatures homes." " I won't rest until every single homeless pet has a forever home," she says.

George Online Cat


George is a cat who blogs and is interested in human behavior. His topics include: "the use of claw and order, purring as a human reward, rubbing your human up the right way, when to bite, spraying as a method of making our wishes known, ignoring the human, human harassment, human inattention and sheer human stupidity."

The smarter the whiskers, the smarter the cat.....
by George Online Cat over 2 years ago
Are sprouting beans good for cats? I am not a rabbit.
by George Online Cat over 2 years ago

Love Meow


Here is the place to get your baby kitten fix. You'll find photos ongoing newly rescued baby kittens and their new homes. Described as a blog for ultimate cat-lovers, you're heart will be stolen with one look at these adorable orphaned kittens who are rescued and then fostered.

Cat And Baby Love Each Other
by Love Meow about 4 years ago
Kitten’s Reaction To Kisses
by Love Meow about 4 years ago

Mark's Mews


This is a story of Ayla, Iza and Marley who are two girlcats and a boycat sharing space with The Big Thing that has a lot of strange powers and control over our lives. But we love him anyway.

Leap Day
by Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) over 2 years ago
Easy Like Sunday
by Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) over 2 years ago

Men and Cats

http://www.menandcats.com/ Men and Cats Janine janine@menandcats.com

This blog is full of photos of men and their cats, some famous and many, not so much. We're wondering, is there such a thing as a "cat man?"

A new look
by janine over 4 years ago
The Colonel
by janine over 4 years ago

Mod Cat Love


Mod Cat Love was created by megan and corrinne -- two cat-obsessed friends who think it’s a shame that cat ladies get such a bad rap. "Not all cat ladies are crazy old spinsters with 20 cats and a closet full of horrible cat sweaters. many are young and hip, some are even dudes," they say.

My Cat Goma


Living in Burlington, VT, Goma is the gorgeous Hymalayan you'll never forget. You can see him posing, looking just like a catepillar in his basket. Put a shirt on him, and his fan of fur looks just like a skirt, (although he's not the cheerleader type).

FOG September Movie Is Here
by Sachie Tani almost 3 years ago
FOG May Movie is here! Kitty Belly!
by Sachie Tani about 3 years ago

Natural Cat Care Blog


Bloger and author Liz posts articles such as: what to do if your cat goes missing and shares tips about your cat's skin condition. She asks and answers the question: do cats have healing powers? LIz says she is devoted to the health and happiness of you and your cat, and to the cause of preventing cancer in cats.

Tips for Moving with Cats: Timeline + Checklist
by Liz-cat over 4 years ago

On All Fours Cat Sitting Blog


These professional cat sitters chronicle stories about the feline friends and clients they meet and the experiences they encounter working in Manhattan and Queens, N.Y. It's all about sharing their experiences from what they learn each day about cat behavior, their needs, remedies and just loving them on a daily basis. .