Women of HR


Women of HR is all about the promotion and development of women in human resources. The blog is written by an extraordinary group of women, most with over 10 years of experience in the field.

Getting What You Want In the Workplace
by Donna Rogers, SPHR about 2 years ago
Job Hunting Over 50
by Dorothy Douglass over 2 years ago

The Human Race Horses


With saucy posts like "Sexy job descriptions are hard to find," the blogger at The Human Race Horses sees the humor in the daily grind. His decades worth of experience provide him with plenty of comedic fodder.

by Michael VanDervort almost 4 years ago
The Bane of Social Media
by Michael VanDervort almost 4 years ago

Upstart HR


Ben Eubanks shares on the many aspects of HR including ways to develop managers so that they can develop their employees. You will find very relevant information on this blog relating to technology and its effect on HR.

Recruit Better By Thinking Like a Marketer (Free eBook)
by Ben almost 2 years ago
Employee Investigation Best Practices
by Ben almost 2 years ago

Awful Library Books


This blog is bibliophile welcome! Now that that's out of the way, let's get on with what this is really about. This blog is great because its two writers are public librarians who spend their time finding fabulous outdated and oddball books and collector's items.

Coming Collapse of China
by Holly Hibner almost 2 years ago
John Kerry? In 2016?
by Mary Kelly almost 2 years ago



Offers short and informative blurbs on a variety of areas of interest for the accountant. While the accounting student or layperson may find this blog useful, the blog is mostly focused towards those already working as a professional accountant.

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: Pot Shop Challenging IRS Penalties
by Jason Bramwell over 3 years ago
How to Foil Mortgage Fraudsters
by Terry Sheridan over 3 years ago

Accounting Elf


This blog offers professionally qualified opinion, real data, and even an inside look into the blogger's own accounting activities. Additionally, we found the opinion and interest pieces to be relevant and thought-provoking.

Public accounting memory
by Kellen over 2 years ago
Thoughts on aiming for early retirement
by Kellen over 2 years ago



This blogging accountant provides a great resource. Deals with current trends and tools that accountants may (or may not) want to utilize. Offers detailed descriptions of how to be a better accountant, drawing on over 30 years of experience.

Golden Practices


This blog focuses on the best practices for accountants, whether working in large firms or independently. Topics include marketing, client-counseling, and tips for motivating yourself.

Rita Keller


This blog is written by Rita Keller, who is the president of a CPA firm management company. Her insights into the accounting profession are invaluable and should not be missed.

M&A – - Due Diligence
by rkeller over 3 years ago
We Call It M&A – Merger & Acquisition. Get Real.
by rkeller over 3 years ago

TSCPA Governmental Affairs


CPAs based in the state of Texas can congregate here to learn about the most recent in-state happenings in the world of accounting.

Why bother voting?
by Bob Owen almost 4 years ago
Who is Mike Collier?
by Bob Owen almost 4 years ago

CPA Technology Blog


This blog tackles the newest technology and explains how it may or may not be useful in the accounting world. If you are technologically inclined, you will find this blog well done, cutting edge, and cool. If you are technologically challenged, you will find this blog helpful and informative.

#CES2014 Kickoff Event: #Drones #Cloud #POS #Wearables #FuelCells #HomeAutomation
by Brian Tankersley about 4 years ago
Index to 2013 CPA Practice Advisor Reviews
by Brian Tankersley about 4 years ago



This blog is a great tax accounting resource for those in or planning to practice in New York. A great source for reporting on current events and their effects in the accounting world.

Tax on Cloud Services Remain Hazy
by cgaetano almost 4 years ago
IASB Announced New Research Center
by cgaetano almost 4 years ago

Fraud Files


Tracy Coenen is a forensic accountant and, in addition to her blog, has authored two books. Her blog offers tips on investigative accounting and auditing, as well as news on the latest frauds, Ponzi schemes, and regulations.

Evaluating Businesses for Divorce: Using the General Ledger
by Tracy Coenen almost 2 years ago
A Correlation Between Gambling and Fraud?
by Tracy Coenen almost 2 years ago

The Aleph Blog


This blog helps "institutions and ordinary people invest better by focusing on risk control." Recent topics include tail risk and liquidity. Whether you are a professional accountant, a small-business owner, or a student, The Aleph Blog will prove to be a useful resource for years.

A World Deep in Debt…
by David Merkel almost 2 years ago
On Investment Charlatans
by David Merkel about 2 years ago

re: The Auditors


Blogger Francine McKenna has "more than twenty years of experience in consulting and professional services including tenure at two Big 4 firms." Needless to say, her insights are spot-on and a must-read for any person interested in accounting issues.

Update: Writing About Equity Market Structure at MarketWatch
by Francine about 2 years ago
Three Accounting-Related Stories At MarketWatch
by Francine about 2 years ago

About Taxes


Confused about how the process of taxation in the U.S. works? Join the club, and find solace in the clear and focused insights on how it works on this blog.

Beancounter Ramblings


Business success demands dexterity with the numbers. This accounting-centric page is a great one for business students to read and heighten their grasp of bookkeeping.