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To ensure your enjoyment of this blog, take some time to decide for yourself what exactly you're searching for: a job, or a career? Those interested in pursuing the latter will really find themselves basking in Mike's bounty of relevant information. He's passionate about the process of building a career by crafting and concentrating your job search on posts that truly inspire you. Readers are free to request an answer for any question relevant to the hunt.

Simply Lisa


With a dash of humor to give it some real life flair, blogger Lisa Rosendahl provides workplace and career advice. Her posts are thoughtful and usually focus on HR development, a field that is always a little hilarious.

Tim Sackett Day Honoree: Victorio Milian
by Lisa Rosendahl about 3 years ago
Changing the HR Story
by Lisa Rosendahl over 3 years ago

Water Cooler Wisdom


Blogger Alexandra rescues weary job hunters with timely and up-to-date trinkets of advice. She herself has done much to wade her way to the top of the occupational heap.

A Brief History of Goal Setting
by Alexandra Levit about 2 years ago
Meet Your 21st Century Customer
by Alexandra Levit about 2 years ago



The catchphrase of this blog implores readers to grasp the ephemeral nature of any job. Rather, the writers want you to focus on crafting a career whose shine will last.

6 Ways 99% Of People Are Destroying Their Careers
by Michael Price over 3 years ago
How To Use The Job Description To Your Best Advantage
by Jewel Bracy DeMaio over 3 years ago

Get That Job!


Blogger Daniel Johnson, Jr. began this blog in 2002 when he was in the position of searching for a job. This blog provides information, advice, tips, notable quotes, and success stories on job hunting.

Bio Job


We liked Bio Job Blog because it is offers great advice for both managers and employees. It also offers advice on social media, as well as career advice. Therefore, the site offers excellent resources for both managers and employees. In addition, it offers career advice and how to prepare for an interview.

College Career Life


College students, take a break from cramming and bone up on life after university here. The writing here concentrates on getting you from graduation to job gratification.

5 Simple Steps to Getting (and Staying) Organized in College
by collegecareerlife over 3 years ago
Finding Work in a Competitive Market
by collegecareerlife almost 4 years ago

Career Planning


This should definitely be one of the first stops you make when looking online for great career search counsel. Name changing and teen workers have been recent topics.

What to Do With Your Poli Sci Degree?
almost 4 years ago
Weekly Career Profile: Computer Hardware Engineers
almost 4 years ago

Executive Career Insights


An uber-successful career marketing strategist gives you the skinny on how to corner the job market in your favor. Readers will savor the concise yet comprehensive posts here.

Resume Help Blog


provides resume advice along with interview and career tips to help you land your dream job.



reCareered is the web’s central hub to discuss jobs, job search, and career change. reCareered features the top career and job search experts discussing their views of today’s job market: including career coaches, recruiters, and employers. reCareered is also the web’s place for job seekers to ask questions, share experiences, and have their voices heard.

77% Of Currently Employed Workers Compete For Your Next Job
by Phil Rosenberg about 4 years ago

Taking Control of Your Sales Career


How-to information: Articles, video and books on how to take control of your sales career.

Career Geek Blog


Career Geek aims to bring articles, information, views and interview posts from people and students within the graduate market. The graduate job market has suffered in-line with the general job scenario. With more than ever students going to University, getting a graduate job has become an even more difficult task and one that has become a numbers game now. It is generally accepted that the application to position ratio is very high in every industry and the HR personnel have employed different tests before giving a student a chance to attend an interview. This blog aims to provide an insight into the different stages in the graduate job process and guidance on how to successfully pass those stages and secure a job.

How Stories Might Have The Key To Your Future
by tom.staunton almost 4 years ago
The Ultimate Guide To Skype Interviews For Interviewer And Interviewee [INFOGRAPHIC]
by Faizan Patankar almost 4 years ago

Inspiring Interns blog


The Inspiring Interns blog offers a selection of general careers advice, London information and encourages people to make the most of their internship.



this blog provides the info. about the B.E/B.Tech Jobs, Private Jobs, Freshers Job, Freshers Ealk in

Careers Analysts Blog


Career Analysts provide realistic, grounded advice for all young people looking towards further education and satisfying future careers.

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The Yellow Brick Road


Resume Review, Career Counseling, Job Search Assistance. Specializing in life change, international/cross cultural counseling and disability accommodation



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